Jan 5, 2008

Today while fishing in Tanaris, someone in the general chat stated that they were revered with Booty Bay.

I found it quite amazing that he was revered at only 51 seasons. I asked him how he got there and he said that it was just through questing. So I inquired within my guild to see how to advance my rep through quests rather than repeatable rewards. I was told there's a new goblin outpost in Dustwallow Marsh so I headed down there to check it out. There were just two goblin quests to complete, but they were both quite easy.

After that I caught a griffon up to Ratchet and picked up about 10 different quests to complete. With 5 follow-up quests still to go, I've advanced my Ratchet reputation by 2500. Spillover reputation gains have advanced my Booty Bay rep by 1,300. I am now at 8,862/12,000, so I see that it is quite possible to get to revered through questing alone.

However, to advanced through revered to exalted, I fear that I may have to do a couple of quests over and over again in Feralas. We shall see.

Jan 4, 2008

Well I finally made it. Exalted with Argent Dawn. Exalted with 17 factions now.

After doing my Netherwing quests last night and finding 5 Netherwing Eggs, I am almost halfway to exalted with the Netherwing. Today, after running the daily quests, I will be over halfway to exalted in the time frame of one week. Not too shabby.

Back to the Argent Dawn, after clearing Gahrron's Withering a few times, cleansing the cauldron, and turning in scourgestones, I made it to 999/1000 exalted. It's now time to go back into Naxxramas to pick up the two Glacial patterns I did not know the last time I was there. Besides finally gettig those two patterns, it feels great to be done with the Argent Dawn. I as able to clear my bank out and free up spaces where the scourgestones, bone fragments, crypt fiend parts, savage fronds, and dark iron scraps used to reside. I was also finally able to bank my Rune of the Dawn as I carried it with me in case I was asked to go to Scholo, Strat, or help in the Plaguelands. t just feels good to be done. Now on to Timbermaw and more Netherwing.

Last night I also purchased a couple tailoring recipes from the auction house. I found the Mooncloth Circlet pattern for 250g and since I had never seen it up for auction before, I snapped it up. That also completes my Mooncloth set. I also bought the White Remedy Cape pattern for 300g just because it was selling for less than usual and I had the spare coin to throw around. With nothing to save for, most of the money earned from daily quests will now go towards tailoring patterns and enchanting recipes.

Jan 3, 2008

Last night after quickly running my seven daily Netherwing quests and finding two Netherwing Eggs, we went to Karazhan and cleared through the Prince before calling it a night. We took a couple of shots at the Prince, but since we had 3-4 people who hadn't seen the fight before and weren't doing our normal amount of DPS, we were unable to keep the tank up and DPS the Prince down fast enough. Hopefully we can get back to him this weekend as I'm still looking for my Tier 4 helm.

After Karazhan, I quickly made my way to Netherstorm, made some Spellcloth, collected some mana berries for the daily cooking quest, and picked up the Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Cowl. Luckily, from my previous working as a miner, I had most of the mats needed for a Chaotic Skyfire Diamond and I will just buy a Runed Living Ruby for the red socket. Right now the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond (CSD) requires exactly two blue gems to activate, however, in the next iteration, it will require two or more blue gems. Either way, right now I do have exactly two blue gems so the gem will function when I get it set in tonight (technically I have one blue and one green gem - but that still counts).

After spending the 1,875 arena points for the cowl, the trousers are next on my list - and they're only 3 weeks of 5v5 play away. I just need to make sure to get in my games each and every week. Combining those two instead of the Spellstrike set for PvP will give me a huge boost in resilience. Running the numbers, I guess on some of my gems since the Armory continues to give me problems and it looks as if the transition from Spellstrike to Vengeful gives me an additional 66 stamina, 37 intellect, 11 crit and 98 resilience. I will lose 38 hit (not a problem when PvPing) and 26 damage. When all is said and done those damage points can be made up elsewhere through other PvP items, but as it stands now, the change will greatly increase my survivability and should help with my damage due to the increased resilience. Plus, combined with Combustion, the extra 3% crit damage will give me a nice boost at the start of matches as well. I'm also looking forward to a nice haste boost when Icy Veins come around.

Now I just need to find something to do with these 101 badges of justice I have laying around since word has just been handed down that new rewards won't be added any time soon.

Jan 1, 2008

So much has happened, I'm not sure what exactly I need to write about. I've been running my daily Netherwing quests (all 7 of them) and I'm currently sitting at 3500/21000. It's been quite fun out there and it's always nice to see new content. While not running Netherwing quests, I've been out at Gharron's Withering grinding Argent Dawn reputation as I would like to go into Naxxramas and pick up the two tailoring recipes I haven't learned because I needed exalted.

I can craft both Glacial Gloves and Glacial Wrists. With exalted, I should be able to pick up Glacial Vest and Glacial Cloak.

On an unrelated note, while doing Netherwing quests, I stumbled upon some Leggings of Beast Mastery. My notebook told me I should try charging about 1,000g for them. I found no takers in the trade channels, so I posted them on the auction house starting at 800g. And, they sold! So while I was out of money completely on Friday, right now I'm staring at 1,000g and I have since bought two enchanting recipes (one for 273g and one for 300g. I now have at my disposal Enchant Chest: Greater Stats (yes, I can already do +6, but hey, I need them all) and Enchant Bracer: Restore Mana Prime.

Dec 30, 2007

Taking a break from collecting Netherwing Eggs, the Gold Team made a quick incursion into Karazhan. We cleared it quickly, killing everyone in one shot, except for the prince who made us kill him the second time around (stupid infernals). The same old stuff seemed to drop off everyone except for the Prince. He dropped my Nathrezim Mindblade. I quickly threw a +40 spell damage enchant on it, equipped my Jewel of Infinite Possibilities and went out to see how my damage was (I did have to remove a Runed Living Ruby from my Boots of Foretelling and put in a Veiled Noble Topaz. So I lost 4 damage, but gained 4 hit rating. I was already 2 below the max hit rating, and the Mindblade and Jewel made me lose 2 more hit rating, so the new Topaz worked perfectly and I am now at a perfect 164 spell hit.

Now...back to the Netherwing Ledge.