Apr 2, 2009

5 Mans

When some of our 10 man group didn't show up tonight (or were planning on not showing up), we had just 7 to go have fun with. So we decided we'd run 5 man heroics and rotate people out, but two people had other things to do, so the 5 of us that were left decided to go wreak some havoc thoughout Azeroth.

First up was Utgarde Keep where we quickly got On the Rocks (I had it, but others didn't). We hopped up to Utgarde Pinnacle and got The Incredible Hulk, My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time, and Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi (I only needed the last one). After that, it was a quick port back to Dalaran, another port to the Caverns of Time and then the Culling of Stratholme for The Culling of Time (where I also won the drake! 74 mounts for me). COS was also the heroic daily, so a few more gold and badges for me there and I had also saved up the regular daily for a while, so I got that done as well. I have just one more dungeon to go for Timear Foresees.

After the Culling of Stratholme, we headed up towards Ulduar to do the Halls of Lightning where we got Shatter Resistant and Timely Death (in just 36 seconds). We then hopped over to the Halls of Stone and got Good Grief (also in 36 seconds) and Abuse the Ooze
. Somehow Brann took damage and we missed out on his achievement.

So here I sit with 5600 achievement points. Yay!

Mar 31, 2009

More Cooking Dailies

Recently, I haven't been doing the cooking dailies that often. Every once in a while, as I stroll through Dalaran, I'll check in and do the daily to get a cooking award or two along with some spices as my raiding food always needs to be kept fully stocked. After getting the 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards achievement and Hail to the Chef, there's really been no point to the awards...until now. Behold - the Chef's HAT!

The Chef's Hat - 100 Cooking Awards
How sweet it will be to walk around with this awesome hat on and my Chef title. Of course, after the patch, with new recipes added, the Chef title won't be as rare. Just like the pet fawn, since there's going to be more pets added, 75 pets won't be as hard to obtain. Everything gets easier, so I guess they'll just throw us little awards like this cool hat (which I don't have room for in my bank anyways) to show that not only did we buy every recipe with our awards, we can also buy the hat and are true chefs.

(Plus, I just saw there's an achievement as well. Time to start doing those dailies!)

Mar 30, 2009

Salty Tiddlywinks

You know, I expected it to be a bit tougher. I had spent some time in the past working on One That Didn't Get Away, but I never really had the patience for it. Then, last week, when I won the fishing tourney, I knew I had to go back to that achievement. I did some research and found the best place to fish is in the starting areas of Elwynn or Mulgore, however, all you catch there are worthless fish. Why not fish in the Howling Fjord for the Dark Herring? All the other fish you catch there can be sold on the Auction House, so you can turn a nice profit while working on the achievement.

So I fished for a day there - about 3 hours - jumping from Fangtooth Herring school to Fangtooth Herring school (after all, only Fangtooth Herring can be turned into Dark Herrings). I didn't bother to have my cast land in the pool, but if it did, I fished it up, and if it didn't, I just hoped for a herring. When the pool was gone, I moved on. After no luck the first day, I sent the fish to my banker, ready for another day of fishing. Surprisingly, on my second day, there he was, the Dark Herring. I was only an hour or two into fishing (hint: turn down music and ambient sounds and turn sound effects way up - then you only hear the bobber) and I was quite happy to see him.

And there you have it...Salty Tiddlywinks. A couple more achievements done and a nice, shiny new title.

Faction Switch

I recently switched from the Oracles to the Frenzyheart after receiving all my pets from the eggs (still without the mount...). The switch was painless and I'm enjoying doing the Frenzyheart quests. At least it gives me some dailies with an incentive to finish other than the gold reward.

Total Oracle Eggs hatched: 15

#1: Yolk
#2: White Tickbird
#3: Yolk
#4: Tickbird
#5: Tickbird
#6: Cobra Hatchling!
#7: Yolk
#8: Cobra Hatchling
#9: Yolk
#10: Tickbird
#11: Proto Drake Whelp - FINALLY
#12: White Tickbird
#13: Proto Drake Whelp
#14: White Tickbird
#15: White Tickbird