Nov 21, 2008

Old Crafty & Chuck

This morning, I woke up early and did my daily Dalaran cooking quest only to be whispered by a fellow guild mate that today's fishing quest was Crocs in the City (my guild knows I need to get my pets from that so they are looking out for me which is awesome). So I quickly ported to Shatt, got the daily quest and then ported to Theramore. Took a flight to Ratchet, hoofed it to Orgrimmar and easily made it past the guards, hit invisibility, and arrived at my fishing spot with nary a nick.

After about 10 casts, Old Crafty was mine! I ported to Ironforge, looking now for Old Ironjaw, but couldn't catch him in about 15 casts, so I took the Crocolisk, ported back to Shattrath and turned in the quest. Perhaps Old Man Barlo is in a better mood with fewer people visiting him, or he's lonely and wants me to visit more because not only did he reward me with Chuck's Bucket for returning the crocolisk to him, he also gave me Spun Truesilver Fishing Line. I'm going to save it for when I obtain my Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole from the Tuskarr (currently at 5,000/21,000 revered).

So it was quite a nice morning for me with both cooking and fishing done. Last night I was finally able to get the Oracles to start giving me daily quests. The final quest in the line was bugged as the lich just stood there and refused to let us attack. After a couple of hours, a GM finally reset her for us and my pick up group quickly took her down twice as the first time the other four people wanted to help the Frenzyhearts out. Luckily they all stuck around and helped me complete her again as I wanted to get on good terms with the Oracles. So now my dailies consist of the Kalu'ak and the Oracles. I'm also just getting somewhere with Sons of Hodir, so they'll probably be on my daily sweep as they have the really nice new shoulder enchants.

Nov 20, 2008

Level 80 and More!

Quite a busy day yesterday. First and foremost, ding 80!

It all started yesterday as I cleaned up the final quests in the Sholazar Basin. I had only about 30 more to do and quickly earned my Into the Basin achievement. But while completing my Sholazar Quests, another achievement I had been traking for a while finally popped up - I am now Tiddlywinks the Seeker! 3,000 quests completed (which also pushed me over 3,000 achievement points). After 3,000 quests and the Basin complete, I headed for the Storm Peaks. K3 was my next destination and after questing there for a while, earning the vaunted Mine Sweeper achievement, and having some fun up in the sky and the mountains, I hit 80.

So what to do next? Well continue questing of course. I'm going to finish off the Storm Peaks and then move to Ice Crown to get my Loremaster of Northrend achievement (unfortunately, Kalimdor remains unconquered). But after questing a little longer, I decided to go explore, and earned the title of The Explorer!

So now what? Well bright and early this morning, I earned my 10th Dalaran Cooking Award, and I have much reputation to grind with certain factions that reward pets. I also need just one more reputation at exalted to earn 25 Exalted Reputations
and of course, I'm fishing for my Giant Sewer Rat and also for the coins in the fountain.

I also put of leveling engineering this whole time, but with stacks of cobalt going for 100g each right now, getting my engineering up will take quite a while when I finally decide the market has stabilized. However, I did raise First Aid to 450. Enchanting sits at 410, cooking at 415ish, and fishing at around 395. Last night with my Tabard of the Explorer, I also received my Tabard of the Achiever for having 25 Tabards.

There's so much more to do, so many more quests to complete, so many more achievements to seek out. I think I'll head back to the Storm Peaks tonight, fish a bit, and try and finish up the Oracles questline so I can start earning rep with them.

Nov 18, 2008

Some Mounts Worth Aiming For

The fine folks at MMO-Champion posted a list of all the new mounts in Wrath and here are a few I think I'll be shooting for:

#1: Reins of the White Polar Bear - These drop from a reward you get for completing daily quests in the Storm Peaks. It appears the quests are level 79-80, so I might be able to go hunt them down tonight if I have some time to see what's going on out there.

#2: Reins of the Red Drake - An exalted reward from the Wyrmrest Accord. I'm pretty sure my rep isn't that high with them as I left Dragonblight soon after completing most quests. The drake is cool, but I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get to exalted with them.

#3 & #4: Reins of the Ice Mammoth and Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth
- Both available from the Sons of Hodir - a faction I have not yet encountered. One is available at revered for 2,500g, the grand ice mammoth is available at exalted for 10,000g.

Speaking of gold, when I ventured into Northrend, I left Shattrath with 3,200g. Upon hitting 71, I went to Dalaran and bought the brown bear for 700g. I was down for a little bit, but worked my way back up. Training First Aid, Cooking, Enchanting, and Engineering cost a few hundred gold. And then at 77, I trained Cold Weather Flying for 1,000g. And right now, I'm at about 3,400g. Yes, after spending well over 2,000g, I've made it back from questing and selling grey items. All green and blue quest rewards have been disenchanted (except for a couple weapons that sold for 10-15g each). So while leveling, don't leave anything behind, and just quest, quest, quest. You'll have plenty of gold for whatever you need. I'm hoping to have upwards of 5,000g by the time I hit 80 and then I can splurge a little on an Ice Mammoth.

The Path to 77

Last night, I reached 77 seasons thanks to some fun in the wonderful Sholazar Basin. A wonderful region of Northrend that is lush and green. A huge step up from the closest zone I could compare it to - the Un'goro Crater. I had made it my mission last night to take revenge on D.E.H.T.A. for making me go love all those mammoths in the Tundra, so I teamed up with Hemet Nesingwary to destroy some beasts.

Upon arriving at the Nesingwary base camp, I was surprised to see there was no flight path, despite hearing there was. Luckily after fetching a motor and some other parts, I was able to rebuild the flight path and could use it for an easy escape from the basin back to Zul'drak for leveling. Of course, first I had to kill a bunch of rhinos, sabers, snakes, crocs, and whelps. They all succumbed to my awesome power and I easily breezed through all the quests I was given. The reward wasn't quite worth it, however the achievements were: The Snows of Northrend and Hemet Nesingwary: The Completed Quests.

So then I returned to Zul'drak for some leveling and found an absolutely amazing group for the Amphitheater of Anguish. Not only did we quickly blow through everything they could throw at us, but we also had hordies trying to steal our kills and kill us while we were fighting. We quickly dispatched them, even destroying them when they outnumbered us 7-5 and we were fighting the finall boss of the Amphitheater. It was great fun and I finally have a new weapon: the
Chilly Slobberknocker! What a name! But it was without an enchant! For shame, young Tiddlywinks, for shame! So I gave out a bunch of free enchants to my buddies Weser and Ryshat, got Enchanting up to 400, and gave myself a nice enchant of Enchant Weapon: Exceptional Spellpower. Oh yeah, I also got the achievement, Of Blood and Anguish.

And now for some updates on skills and achievements:
Enchanting: 400
Cooking: 410
Engineering: 381
First Aid: 441
Fishing: 389

2,851 quests out of 3,000
414 dailies out of 500
6,170g out of 10,000g

Nov 17, 2008

3 Days to 76

((Quite an interesting weekend. Thursday Amazon delivered Wrath, I installed it, got to run around a bit and then went to see Quantum of Solace midnight showing. This is what happened over the next three days...))

I started in the Howling Fjord. An absolutely gorgeous landscape greeted me with an assortment of quests like I had not seen before. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening quests and once I was out of Valgarde Keep, I loved the Fjord even more. The explorer's camp was fun to quest of of and the Kalu'ak are great to work with. The Fjord was just amazing with the lush landscapes, the varying greenness, and just the overall scope of the Fjord amazed me. I quickly worked my way through over 130 quests, earning the achievement, I've Toured the Fjord. Of course, while doing that, I also Explored the Fjord. I am quite certain that I gained two levels in the Fjord, if I wasn't at 72, I hit 72 quickly after moving to the Tundra.

After I completed all the Howling Fjord quests I could find, I started making my way towards the Borean Tundra. To do this, I took a turtle to Moa'ki Harbor. There I quested as I am working on Kalu'ak reputation for my little penguin pet. After finishing their quests, I took another turtle to the Tundra as I arrived in Taunka'le Village. They didn't have many quests to do there as I hadn't been properly introduced to them, so I made my way to Valiance Keep. On the way to Valiance Keep though, I met up with D.E.H.T.A. I did their quests, though I do not agree to their standards and completed D.E.H.T.A's Little P.I.T.A. If you ask me, DEHTA is the PITA. More on that later.

I hit up Valiance Keep, and quested from there before exploring the rest of the Tundra. Except for Coldarra, I was not a fan of the Tundra - I found it bland and boring. The terrain was just dry and uninteresting for me. I had a little fun out at Fizzcrank Airstrip, but in the end, I found the Tundra vastly inferior to the Fjord. That didn't deter me though as I earned both Nothing Boring about Borean and Explore Borean Tundra. While questing in the Tundra, I do believe I hit 74.

On a side note, when I hit 71, I made a quick trip to Star's Rest to pick up my Teleport: Dalaran spell. I quickly ported there and fell in love with the city. It is gorgeous! Of course, being one of only a handful of people there made it even more brilliant. It was peaceful, quiet, and seemingly, all mine. I explored all over, found a rat mentoring four turtles in the sewers, and bought a
Glowing Skull. Along with Frosty, I now have 81 pets.

So...after the Tundra, I went to Dragonblight. Having already visited Star's End for my portal, I returned there to quest again. Dragonblight is interesting, but in the end, empty. I guess it's a blight for a reason. Wrymrest Temple does nothing for me, though the quests at Wintergarde Keep are epic. The Wrathgate event is nothing short of downright amazing. For completing the epic questline, I was rewarded with Veteran of the Wrathgate. In the end, I powered through Dragonblight and just did the quests required of me for Might of Dragonblight and Explore Dragonblight. Here I am with King Varian and Lady Jaina as we battle through the Undercity:

Prior to entering the Dragonblight, at the young age of 71, I grouped with some old friends and we ran Azjol-Nerub which was amazing - short, sweet, and fun (though a little creepy) - so far my favorite instance (though I haven't run the Nexus yet). After we ran Azjol-Nerub twice back-to-back, we hit up Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. That was a little more difficult as we had one 72 and 4 71's. We powered through though and basked in our glory. The next day I ran Utgarde Keep. It's a fun, quick instance, but a bit simplistic. A nice introduction to dungeons for some though.

As for the fun stuff I did while powering through three zones completely, once I hit Dalaran, I did the daily cooking quest and achieved Dalaran Cooking Award. I've now done three daily cooking quests, have 5 cooking awards, and with my first three, I immediately bought
Critter Bits. I cooked up 40 critter bites right away, returned to where I was questing (Amber Ledge I believe) and used 10 critters to achieve Critter Gitter (this actually was my 15th cooked food earning me The Northrend Gourmet. Here I am with the critters:

So, with three zones down, I have moved on to Zul'Drak. This is quite an interesting zone. There's two distinct parts it seems. When you first enter, you encounter the Argent Crusade fighting out of little outposts against the scourge. You then move on to The Argent Stand where they have made a permanent base, though you continue fighting the scourge. I completed the full Betrayal questline, made a quick visit to the Grizzly Hills (which I am in love with) and I have only to Cleanse Drak'Tharon to achieve Guru of Drakuru. I forgot to mention that I had visited Zul'Drak prior to my "official" arrival as I was searching for
Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage. I had already risen my First Aid skill to 410 via regular Frostweave Bandages and they turned grey to me and I had Frostweave to spare. I quickly killed some trolls at about level 73 (they were level 75) and found the manual, allowing me to achieve Ultimate Triage. I also earned The Keymaster when I hit level 73 (or maybe 74) and I picked up the quest to go into the Violet Hold in Dalaran.

I currently sit at 2,895 achievement points (working hard towards 3,000 - though leveling comes first). I have not earned any more titles, though I believe Chef isn't too far away, nor Argent Champion. I am almost to 435 first aid, while engineering and enchanting have fallen by the wayside. Though I'm currently working to clear Zul'Drak, one other quest line has called me away from there tonight. Tonight, I will exact my revenge on D.E.H.T.A. by working for my guy, Hemet Nesingwary. As you can see, I'm ready to go blow stuff up!