Dec 26, 2008

Tickbird Hatchling!

Oracles egg #4 has hatched with the Tickbird Hatchling. That's 2 of the 3 pets from the Oracles Egg. Still no mount yet of course, but I'm on my way to go buy another egg.

87 pets and counting...

Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas All!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas and has a wonderful day and good company.

Merry Christmas!

Of course, with Christmas comes the presents, so I woke up early to open mine, got my Crashin' Thrashin' Racer, and proceeded to destroy 25 cars to earn my Merrymaker title. 2 down, 10 to go.

Merrymaker Christmas!

Dec 23, 2008

A Good Night

After putting some time into crafting an all-in-one list that outlined the upgrades I needed from Naxxramas (10) and Heroics, I was duly rewarded last night with a drop in heroic Azjol-Nerub of Stone Worn Footwraps (the Rod of the Fallen Monarch continues to elude me (currently the best wand in the game until 25-man content)).

Also, Azjol-Nerub happened to be the heroic daily, so after collecting my three emblems in Azjol, then two for the daily, I was at exactly 80. And that robe! The Heroes' Frostfire Robe is mine. It has been socketed with Runed Scarlet Ruby and a Veiled Monarch Topaz. Basic theorycrafting states that two rubies would have given me the most DPS, but I just lost my Leiah's Footpads and their 43 hit, so I've been a bit lacking. And even though my Frostfire Bolts all hit, I'm missing with Pyroblasts (Hot Streak), Scorches, and Fireblasts (while moving). So it's something I really have to work on bringing back up. Plus, throwing in two rubies would lose me the socket bonus as well, so I'll take that +6 hit there as well.

So right now, I'm sitting pretty. My Naxx (10)/Heroics list only has a few more items that are must-have upgrades. From heroics, I would greatly like the Sash of the Servant (again from Azjol-Nerub) and the Forge Ember from the Halls of Stone is a nice trinket upgrade.

From Naxx (10), I'm looking for a huge helm upgrade from either Sapphiron, Thaddius, or Kel'Thuzad. I'm hoping for the Tier 7 shoulders from Loatheb, and Tier 7 pants from Thaddius. Grand Widow Faerlina, Patchwerk, and Kel'Thuzad all drop huuuuge weapon upgrades, but the one thing I want more than any other is the Embrace of the Spider from Grand Widow Faerlina. It dropped for us last time around and Eirama won the roll (a very nice upgrade for her as well). That about concludes what I am gunning for in the near future. Fingers crossed!

And here's my hastily thrown together Naxx (10)/Heroics gear upgrade list:

Dec 22, 2008

Silver Team Naxx

The Gold Team has apparently been rechristened the Silver Team and last week, we took our first steps inside of Naxxramas. Our goal was to clear the Spider Wing, hit up Patchwerk and then try Grobbulus on Wednesday. We quickly cleared the Spider Wing and took down Patchwerk after a couple tries (we had to learn those hateful strikes) and we went on to Grobbulus. We had just one try on him before our healer had to bail, so we were stuck trying to 9 man the place and it just wouldn't work. So we thought we could go hit up Instructor Razuvious, but we had issues with just two healers and we eventually called it a night.

We reconvened at 4pm on Sunday, ready to go. First things first though, the Obsidian Sanctum had to be cleared. Easy peasy, one shot Sartharion. Maybe next time we can leave a drake up. Who knows?

So after the Sanctum, we headed back to Naxx with an eye on the Military Quarter, Razuvious was a pushover with three healers, and we went on to Gothik. The weekend before, I had joined a quasi-guild/PUG team in Naxx and we were unable to get anywhere on Gothik. This time, with two awesome tanks and amazing healers, we one shot Gothik and had absolutely no issues. We decided to save the Four Horsemen for another time and went back to the Plague Wing.

Noth was pretty damn easy and we made quick work of him and went on to Vetarra's favorite fight in the game, Heigan the Unclean. We took a shot at him to let the team learn the Heigan dance and then had to take another shot at him after losing some healers before we finally got him down. However, we did it in a very unconventional way. After losing two healers to the dance, along with our two hunters, it was just me and a healer up on the platform, a shaman, pally, druid, and warrior down on Heigan. So yeah, we 6 manned him. Not that tough really, the only issue we had was people lagging and getting stuck during the dance. I'm really not sure how that happens, it's a fairly simple dance, but it did happen, though we managed to bring him down.

After that, we lost a couple of players and had to call it a night. We did a quick Utgarde Keep run afterward, and now I stand just 5 emblems short of my Heroes Frostfire Robe. My gloves didn't drop in the Sanctum, but we'll be doing that weekly and hopefully I can pick them up in there. I really need that two piece set bonus, it's just too sweet to not utilize - Improved Mana Gems.

For our first week in Naxxramas, we did pretty well. I believe next week we are not raiding due to the Holidays, but after that, I believe we're getting our DPS Pally and our Death Knight to join in. Then we will be bringing Dylana in for heals and we should have a pretty solid team and we should be getting close to clearing the place sometime soon in the new year. Then it's just a matter of finding another team to join up with for some fun 25 man raids.

All in all, a great start and even though there's really not that much gear in there for me to upgrade to, I love running the place and learning the new fights that I didn't get a chance to run even though I had hit up Naxx a couple of times in the Burning Crusade.

On a side note, Saturday, I hit exalted with both the Argent Crusade and the Oracles. Bringing my exalted factions up to 29 and also earning me the title 'The Argent Champion.' Right now I'm wearing my Wyrmrest Accord tabard in the heroics and I'm looking forward to some Sandals of Crimson Fury and a nice new mount - Reins of the Red Drake.