Dec 30, 2007

Taking a break from collecting Netherwing Eggs, the Gold Team made a quick incursion into Karazhan. We cleared it quickly, killing everyone in one shot, except for the prince who made us kill him the second time around (stupid infernals). The same old stuff seemed to drop off everyone except for the Prince. He dropped my Nathrezim Mindblade. I quickly threw a +40 spell damage enchant on it, equipped my Jewel of Infinite Possibilities and went out to see how my damage was (I did have to remove a Runed Living Ruby from my Boots of Foretelling and put in a Veiled Noble Topaz. So I lost 4 damage, but gained 4 hit rating. I was already 2 below the max hit rating, and the Mindblade and Jewel made me lose 2 more hit rating, so the new Topaz worked perfectly and I am now at a perfect 164 spell hit.

Now...back to the Netherwing Ledge.

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