Mar 25, 2009

The Newly Updated Raid UI

So, after a bunch of tweaking and moving things around here it is:

It's pretty similar to the UIs I've used in the past, but a few small changes have been updated. Across the top is the standard FuBar (note: since the screenshot, I've collapsed most of the FuBar plugins to icons only), with a flight timer, boss mods, decursive, etc. There's a gold monitor, item repair status, bag space, friends online, guild members online, grey items to drop, faction tracker, and tradeskill tracker.

At the bottom I've got my chat window on the left, a simple map, button bars, and then damage meters on the far right. Nothing too outrageous. Ignore the quest tracker down there - it has since been replaced by another quest mod. Just too many issues with BEQL.

Over along the left, I have quick access to all my party members and Ora2 tank setups, cooldowns, and then deadly boss mods sit over there until they get closer to expiration and then they move to the middle right next to Scorchio. It's nice to just use the standard built-in raid UI to pull out the groups. Gives me a quick overview of who is alive, dead, or dying.

In the middle it gets a little complicated...

At the top is Scorchio - an amazing mod that tracks my living bomb and scorches on the target. I don't know what my DPS would do without it. The buttons below are Decursive and allow me easy decursing and sheeping during mind controls. There's a little green box you might be able to see over to the left of Decursive - that's BuffEnough - another great mod. Turns green when you are completely buffed, turns yellow when buffs are about to expire, and turns red when buffs are missing.

Below the Decursive boxes, there's Quartz for my timer bars. Here you see me catching Frostfire Bolt while Kel'Thuzad is casting a frostbolt.

Underneath that, I'm using Pitbull for my other panels. It's a pretty simple setup using the standard "Blizzard" shading instead of the "BantoBar" it was using before. It's me on the left, my target on the right, and the target of my target in the middle (thankfully it's the tank here). If I'm using a focus, that appears next to my target on the right and my focus' target appears above it. If I have a pet, it appears to the left of my name and my pet's target appears above it. Both the focus and the pet have their own Quartz cast bars.

Over on the right, we have Omen to monitor threat (I had tried placing it down next to the damage meters, but I need to watch it too much to have it down on the bottom of the screen, so there it is, right in the middle on the left). Then we have Elkano's Buff Bars going down the right side and LootHog beneath it. I have to run LootHog because, as you may have noticed on my character bar, I'm the loot master. Yay!

Other miscellaneous things: Sunn Viewport Art is amazing. It provides the nice backgrounds behind my top and bottom bars and also adjusts my viewport so my video card doesn't have to render graphics where I don't need to see. Which gives a few FPS boost I'm sure. I'm pulling 21 fps in the screenshot above - that's about as low as it goes during normal 25 man raiding. Thank you nVidia GTX 260.

Oh yeah, I use the built in scrolling combat text with arcs to move things up and away from my character. I found I needed the arcs because sometimes death knights or others spam abilities that cause lots of scrolling combat spam, so this works the best.

Now, to macros...not too many, but some that I couldn't live without:
#show Polymorph
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
/cast [target=focus,exists,harm]Polymorph (Turtle)

Sheepage FTW. Bound to "G" key. Target my sheep target and hit "G" - if in range, it will set focus and sheep. If out of range, just sets focus. Now I have my sheep target focused and on screen at all times (next to my target as I stated above) and I can see when it breaks, or if it changes targets. If need be, I can just switch sheep targets with an ALT+G combo. The sheep will also change without the ALT modifier if my previous sheep focus is dead or doesn't exist anymore.

/cast counterspell

I know it's simple, but it's necessary. I have it bound to the scroll down on my trackball scroll wheel. It allows me to quickly silence anyone, even if I'm casting something already. Works like a charm.

/cast [button:2]Conjure Refreshment
/use [button:1]Conjured Mana Strudel

My standard eat strudel button. Right click to conjure food, left click to eat. Easy, but effective.

/use [button:1] Mana Sapphire
/cast [button:1,target=player] Combustion
/cast [button:1,target=player] Icy Veins
/cast [button:1] Mirror Image
/cast [button:2] Conjure Mana Gem

My newest one. I love it. All-out-DPS in one click. Uses my Mana Gem for a DPS bonus (thank you two piece tier 7), Combustion for extra crit, Icy Veins for fast casting, Mirror Image for a little extra DPS (not much, but it's something), and then lastly, if I right click, it conjures my mana gem. By default, because "Mana Sapphire" is first in the rotation, it shows me how many charges I have left and the cooldown on the mana gem.

As you might be able to see in my overall screenshot, it's right below my name plate. But to the left of it, I have individual buttons for Combustion, Icy Veins, Mirror Image, and the Mana Gem on its own. Since they all have different cooldowns, I have access to all of them individually to maximize DPS - though I just love hitting the one button at the start of a fight to get that DPS flowing.

/cast Ice Block
/cancelaura Ice Block

Another pretty simple macro, but it is bound to "R" and allows me to cast Ice Block quickly and easily. It cancels any spell I might be casting and throws me in an Ice Block. Then, quickly and easily, if I hit "R" again, I get out of my Ice Block. Comes in handy when the threat dissipates and I want to get back to DPS, or in PvP when people have Ice Block timers, I can break early and surprise them.

#showtooltip speckled tastyfish

This one I used over the weekend to allow me to see how many Tastyfish I have in my bags during the fishing tourney. Simply brilliant, thanks El's Anglin!

Of course, if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, let me know as my UI is constantly evolving.


Anonymous said...

Damn, now you have gone and made me start thinking about mine all over again....

Looks very sweet!

Unknown said...

Regarding your full dps macro you can make some tweaks.
1. You can remove those /stopcasting, not needed as the skills you use are instant. You don't need to specify target for self-only skills too.
2. I would throw in something like /cast Frostfire Bolt at the end in order to not lose time activating the cast.

How I have it setup on my mage is that I have FFB bound to '2'. Clicking shift-2 will activate all those nice dps increasers and at the same time start a FFB cast.
I like keeping Mirror Image out of the mix because sometimes you want to save that one until accidental overaggro. Or the fight might not fit easy dying mages at the moment.

I also use a similar macro to your ice block one but with Invisibility:
/cancelaura Invisibility
/cast Invisibility

It will on the first click activate Invisibility and on second click remove it. I usually use it only for the short threat reduction to not lose target and all that, so I activate, wait two seconds (keeping an eye on Omen at the same time) and if my threat is ok then I start casting (stopping me from disappearing). Else I go invisible and get a nice threat reset.

Blake said...

NitraMo, thanks for the comments. I'll throw in that /cast at the end, a nice way to finish that off. I thought I didn't need the /stopcasting in there, but it just seems to make the macro work better for me. I'll try without it tonight.

And I'm not sure why I didn't think of that for Invisibility. I have having to search through Elk's Buff Bars to find the invisibility to click off. I will definitely use that macro.

As for my aggro, with my awesome tanks, I never pass them on boss fights, and if Noth or someone else has an aggro drop, I always hive Ice Block on stand by to get me out of a sticky situation. I think if I went arcane, I might have aggro issues, but that's for another week...