Jan 4, 2008

Well I finally made it. Exalted with Argent Dawn. Exalted with 17 factions now.

After doing my Netherwing quests last night and finding 5 Netherwing Eggs, I am almost halfway to exalted with the Netherwing. Today, after running the daily quests, I will be over halfway to exalted in the time frame of one week. Not too shabby.

Back to the Argent Dawn, after clearing Gahrron's Withering a few times, cleansing the cauldron, and turning in scourgestones, I made it to 999/1000 exalted. It's now time to go back into Naxxramas to pick up the two Glacial patterns I did not know the last time I was there. Besides finally gettig those two patterns, it feels great to be done with the Argent Dawn. I as able to clear my bank out and free up spaces where the scourgestones, bone fragments, crypt fiend parts, savage fronds, and dark iron scraps used to reside. I was also finally able to bank my Rune of the Dawn as I carried it with me in case I was asked to go to Scholo, Strat, or help in the Plaguelands. t just feels good to be done. Now on to Timbermaw and more Netherwing.

Last night I also purchased a couple tailoring recipes from the auction house. I found the Mooncloth Circlet pattern for 250g and since I had never seen it up for auction before, I snapped it up. That also completes my Mooncloth set. I also bought the White Remedy Cape pattern for 300g just because it was selling for less than usual and I had the spare coin to throw around. With nothing to save for, most of the money earned from daily quests will now go towards tailoring patterns and enchanting recipes.

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