Jan 25, 2008

New Enchants

Last night was fairly uneventful. I camped out in front of Mythrin'dir in Darnassus waiting for him to restock Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina. It took him over an hour to find one in his stockroom, but I finally acquired that bind on pickup recipe from him. While sitting there in the city, I saw a lot of enchant requests, including one for Enchant Bracer: Major Defense. Realizing that this is a fairly common recipe I didn't have, I headed up to Netherstorm and killed a few Nullifiers until it dropped. With that complete, I went to Felwood, upped my reputation with the Timbermaw a bit and then called it a night.

Waking up this morning, I saw Enchant Shield: Shield Block on the auction house and I bought it with the money I was saving for a tailoring recipe. But since I had not seen that formula on the auction house before, I figured it was quite rare and I snapped it up. Three formulas in 2 days isn't too bad. Leaves me at knowing 190 of the possible 217 enchanting formulas - 87%.

Jan 24, 2008

In this first installment of my add-on spotlight, I am highlighting a recently discovered add-on from one of the greatest Warcraft-related sites, WarcraftPets.com.

What is it? The MiniPet Addon is a perfect addition to my ever growing pet collection. Basically, whenever you zone in or out, portal, die, or whatever, it reminds you and places a small box at the top of your screen you can use to summon a random pet in one quick click.

Installation: It's quite simple like any other add-on and it takes up very little memory space - hardly any really - doesn't register in my top 10 resource hogging add-ons.

Drawbacks: Just one - it can't always tell if you have a pet out or if you misclick. If you click the button to summon a pet while moving, the button goes away as it thinks you summoned one. Also, if you are flying around and lose your pet, it can't tell the pet is gone. However, the nice thing is, with this add-on, you're much more aware of your pets and realize when they do go missing much sooner than before the add-on was installed.
Following up on our successful outing into Zul'Aman on Saturday, the Gold Team returned on Wednesday. The instance was fresh and we were ready to go and finally get Nalorakk down in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it just wasn't our time. On the last pull before Nalorakk, my sheep broke really early, immediately lay down an immunity totem and I couldn't resheep him. With the immunity totem out, none of the other mobs went down and I was immediately killed by lightning bolts. We quickly ran back in, but we were about 5 minutes too late after we one shot Nalorakk. We continued on, had a little problem with the gauntlet (we made it through in one run, but I didn't survive the whole way through - nor did Nefernetcher - the perils of AOE'ing the eagles down). Once at Akil'zon, we one shot him - our first time ever and we were prepared to head towards Halazzi.

We quickly cleared to Halazzi without incident - I got to enjoy a 300% haste bonus a couple times as well - and we strategized our meeting with him. As this was only the second time we had ever faced him, we went over everything in meticulous detail. On our first attempt of the night, we got him to Phase 3, but when a healer went down, all was lost. We quickly regrouped, talked about what could be done differently and what we saw going on in that first attempt and we downed him the next time through! In just three meetings with Halazzi, he was down. Our healers did an amazing job with the Holy Fires, DPS did great with the totems and we have made progress once again in Zul'Aman. He dropped a healing leather item, but our tree was already wearing the Robes of Heavenly Purpose, but we forced the leather item on him anyways. The one great drop of the evening was Akil'zon's Talonblade which went to our main tank, Aracely. I quickly put Mongoose on it (oddly enough I was walking around with enough mats) and the blade seemed to work quite well on Halazzi as I was unable to pull aggro even without Salvation on (if I really tried though, I probably could have).

((As a side note, I added two more random images to the banner rotation - Me and Vetarra and Me in the middle of a row of Elekks

Later today...my first add-on spotlight post - why not since everyone else seems to be doing them?

I also have turned the "Journaled at" text into a permalink in case for some odd reason someone wants to link to one of my posts.))

Jan 23, 2008

Talk about domination. Last night the Gold Team rolled into Karazhan and completely cleaned the place up. We rolled through every boss except Attumen (skipped) in about 4 hours. No wipes. Took on many fights and a couple bosses with just 9 people, and walked out with some greatly upgraded gear for new recruits and 22 badges to boot.

Nefernetcher and I were determined to put up big numbers and by the end of the night, we didn't quite reach our goal of doing 50% of the raid damage, but got close. I came in right about 28% and Nefernetcher was at 20% or so. Like I said, domination.

Nefernetcher was also running a nice damage meter that recapped the boss fights and on Prince, I did 100,000 more damage than the next closest person. Of course, we got lucky with infernal drops and I didn't have to move at all (pretty easy just sitting in one place while the tank does his thing).

In the end though, another run without Soulfrost or Sunfire, but 22 more badges puts me at almost 100 again after buying the Icon, so I need to see what I can waste them on.

Also, after returning to the city, I resocketed a couple of items, replacing an epic gem with a rare one and adding another Veiled Noble Topaz to my robe which puts me within 2 points of the hit cap (I saw too many resists last night). I then saw an advertisement in chat for a pattern for Gloves of Spell Mastery on the auction house. I quickly went to look at the price and it was only 280g! I borrowed 100g from Dylana (yes, I've been slacking on my dailies) and quickly snapped it up. Since I had never seen the pattern before, 280g was a steal in my eyes. After buying it, the seller messaged me asking if he had under priced it. Since Wowhead lists it at 250g, I told him I didn't think so - as no one will buy it to make it - people will only buy it to be a completionist - like me. He found it in a locked box and made a quick 280g off it. Very nice, and it rounds out my epic world drop set nicely. I still have quite a few patterns to go and no gold to buy them with right now. Back to Netherwing dailies!

Jan 21, 2008

Saturday night, the Gold Team convened once again and finished the last two bosses of Karazhan that were left untouched on Tuesday night. Illhoof didn't go down without a fight as he sacrificed our warlock near the end and I was close to being out of mana and couldn't help too much with the imps. He did die though and our druid friend made off with a couple new items (though the staff didn't drop). We then went up to Netherspite and again he didn't go down as planned. Our warlock (again causing problems) got stuck in a void and died so I had to pick up the blue beam early. That made me unavailable for the blue beam during the second phase so our hunter picked it up and we subbed a warrior in at the last minute. A druid scooped up the warlock so he was available for the third phase and it was easy from there on. Rook picked up a nice ring and I can't remember the other drop.

With Karazhan clear, we quickly headed to Zul'Aman to see if we could attempt the timed event. It was going perfectly as we were clearing trash when our tank disconnected. After he was able to get back in, we knew the timed event wouldn't happen so we took our time and explained everything in depth as we had some new people along. Nalorakk gave us some fits, but we got him down on the third attempt, and though I thought I didn't need anything from the first two bosses, he dropped something that made me a very happy gnome: Executioner Enchant!.

We then moved on to Akil'zon, cleared the gauntlet without any problems, and had three shots at him. No luck. We recleared the gauntlet again in one shot and took him down after two more attempts. As we moved on towards the third boss, our tank and hunter disconnected and couldn't reconnect. ((Apparently there was a large AT&T problem Saturday night)). So the raid was called, but we are getting much better with Akil'zon's strategy and he should be on farm status quite soon.