Jul 17, 2009


Not much happening these days. We did our normal Wednesday pre-clear getting all the way through Auriaya and Hodir. Then last night, we went in, experienced quite a few odd happenings, but pushed through and got to Yogg again with an hour left in our raid. After taking quite a bit of time re-learning Phase 1 (too many people coming and going each week), we got it down pretty well. We used to use 2 tanks in 10 man which left us quite a bit DPS short in Phase 2, so we've transitioned to just one tank in the center holding the guardians there while we all DPS around him.

The nice thing about last night is we got quite a bit of practice in on Phase 2. When we were running two tanks, it was just me as the only ranged DPS so I had to take down the 400k HP crusher tentacles all by myself and it just wasn't working at all. So we swapped Eleazarjr out for Comador and got more ranged DPS at the cost of a tank. However, the issue remained that the melee DPS didn't have much to do until the portals opened, and as such, they roamed away from the ranged DPS to take down tentacles, exposing us to mind link issues.

I think we learned quite a bit last week and we're getting closer to taking him down and clearing Ulduar before the Coliseum comes out. Plus, we're having fun doing it.

Tonight we venture back into 25 Ulduar. Hopefully Hodir goes down quickly and we can either go to Freya or attempt to work on Thorim again.