Feb 10, 2010

Everything in One...

You'd think now that I've been playing a lot more, I'd be updating the blog a lot more, but there just hasn't been that much to write about.

Gear: Got four pieces of T10 today. Woot!

Pets: Got the one pet from the new Love is in the Air mini-boss. It was our fifth and final summon of my first day running the boss and I rolled a 100 to beat everyone else out for the pet.

Achievements: Got both Toravon achievements when he was released, finished up the final Love is in the Air achievement (Tough Love), and with Malygos being the weekly raid quest, today I got You Don't Have an Eternity (10) by 4 seconds.

Raids: Our 10 man has made progress on Putricide and have him to the 3rd phase on a regular basis. But we usually run out of time to attempt him more. So this week, we're clearing through Saurfang tonight so we can focus on the next wings on Thursday for our full raid. Our 25 man is also making progress. We have made good progress on the Blood Princes, but still do not have Festergut or Rotface down. But as each week goes by, our DPS and healing output goes up, so we'll get them down when the time is right.