Jan 1, 2008

So much has happened, I'm not sure what exactly I need to write about. I've been running my daily Netherwing quests (all 7 of them) and I'm currently sitting at 3500/21000. It's been quite fun out there and it's always nice to see new content. While not running Netherwing quests, I've been out at Gharron's Withering grinding Argent Dawn reputation as I would like to go into Naxxramas and pick up the two tailoring recipes I haven't learned because I needed exalted.

I can craft both Glacial Gloves and Glacial Wrists. With exalted, I should be able to pick up Glacial Vest and Glacial Cloak.

On an unrelated note, while doing Netherwing quests, I stumbled upon some Leggings of Beast Mastery. My notebook told me I should try charging about 1,000g for them. I found no takers in the trade channels, so I posted them on the auction house starting at 800g. And, they sold! So while I was out of money completely on Friday, right now I'm staring at 1,000g and I have since bought two enchanting recipes (one for 273g and one for 300g. I now have at my disposal Enchant Chest: Greater Stats (yes, I can already do +6, but hey, I need them all) and Enchant Bracer: Restore Mana Prime.

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