Jan 5, 2008

Today while fishing in Tanaris, someone in the general chat stated that they were revered with Booty Bay.

I found it quite amazing that he was revered at only 51 seasons. I asked him how he got there and he said that it was just through questing. So I inquired within my guild to see how to advance my rep through quests rather than repeatable rewards. I was told there's a new goblin outpost in Dustwallow Marsh so I headed down there to check it out. There were just two goblin quests to complete, but they were both quite easy.

After that I caught a griffon up to Ratchet and picked up about 10 different quests to complete. With 5 follow-up quests still to go, I've advanced my Ratchet reputation by 2500. Spillover reputation gains have advanced my Booty Bay rep by 1,300. I am now at 8,862/12,000, so I see that it is quite possible to get to revered through questing alone.

However, to advanced through revered to exalted, I fear that I may have to do a couple of quests over and over again in Feralas. We shall see.

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