Jan 3, 2008

Last night after quickly running my seven daily Netherwing quests and finding two Netherwing Eggs, we went to Karazhan and cleared through the Prince before calling it a night. We took a couple of shots at the Prince, but since we had 3-4 people who hadn't seen the fight before and weren't doing our normal amount of DPS, we were unable to keep the tank up and DPS the Prince down fast enough. Hopefully we can get back to him this weekend as I'm still looking for my Tier 4 helm.

After Karazhan, I quickly made my way to Netherstorm, made some Spellcloth, collected some mana berries for the daily cooking quest, and picked up the Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Cowl. Luckily, from my previous working as a miner, I had most of the mats needed for a Chaotic Skyfire Diamond and I will just buy a Runed Living Ruby for the red socket. Right now the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond (CSD) requires exactly two blue gems to activate, however, in the next iteration, it will require two or more blue gems. Either way, right now I do have exactly two blue gems so the gem will function when I get it set in tonight (technically I have one blue and one green gem - but that still counts).

After spending the 1,875 arena points for the cowl, the trousers are next on my list - and they're only 3 weeks of 5v5 play away. I just need to make sure to get in my games each and every week. Combining those two instead of the Spellstrike set for PvP will give me a huge boost in resilience. Running the numbers, I guess on some of my gems since the Armory continues to give me problems and it looks as if the transition from Spellstrike to Vengeful gives me an additional 66 stamina, 37 intellect, 11 crit and 98 resilience. I will lose 38 hit (not a problem when PvPing) and 26 damage. When all is said and done those damage points can be made up elsewhere through other PvP items, but as it stands now, the change will greatly increase my survivability and should help with my damage due to the increased resilience. Plus, combined with Combustion, the extra 3% crit damage will give me a nice boost at the start of matches as well. I'm also looking forward to a nice haste boost when Icy Veins come around.

Now I just need to find something to do with these 101 badges of justice I have laying around since word has just been handed down that new rewards won't be added any time soon.

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