Feb 27, 2009

Thaddius Down, Military Quarter on Notice!

We once again ventured back into heroic Naxxramas, this time with a full group assembled at six, ready to go. We quickly stepped inside, buffed up and destroyed the Arachnid Quarter. Ventured into the Plague Quater, ran into little resistance, hit a couple of speed bumps in the Construct Quarter, but we cleared them all. I was forced to take a slight upgrade with the Cowl of Vanity even though I tried passing it, so I'm about 250g lighter in the pocket after buying gems and the arcanum.

But I had fun tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed blowing everything up.

Anub'Rekhan: 4200 DPS
Faerlina: 4000
Maexxna: 2600 (I was on web duty and running all over the place)
Noth: 3800
Heigan: 2700
Loatheb: 6200
Patchwerk: 4200
Grobbulus: 3100
Gluth: Kiting Duty
Thaddius: 7650
Trash Mobs: 4040

So yeah, fun time. I went through a stack of my food, 2 flasks, and lots of conjured food. We had 24 of 25 people split 40 pieces of gear, and next time we go back in, we'll be just that much stronger.

Viva la Gold Team!

60 Minute Hearth Too Long? Play a Mage. Or qq.

So, since the start of the game, everyone has been provided a hearthstone. It will quickly take you back to the last inn you set it at. It has always provided a way to return to your home location every 60 minutes. Of course, certain classes have ways around this. Mages have portals, shamans have ancestral recall, engineers have their own special trinkets. There's even rings now that take you back to Dalaran, and from Dalaran, there's free portals to almost anywhere you want to go.

Yet, even with all these modes of transportation, people felt like they could game the system using the "ghetto hearth." It consisted of joining a group, entering a dungeon, and then leaving the group. Since you're not in a a group, it would kick you out of the dungeon back to wherever your hearthstone is set, even if your hearthstone is still on cooldown.

In patch 3.1, they announced that they'd be doing away with ghetto hearthing, instead sending the player to the nearest graveyard to the dungeon they're attempting to ghetto hearth out of. Seemed like a good idea to me. Because in all reality, ghetto hearthing was abusing the game mechanics. This way, you'll be booted out of the dungeon like you're supposed to be and if you want to get home, use your hearthstone.

But, what happens? People cry about it. They bitch and moan and raise hell on the forums. And then what happens next? The developers cave in. They say, fine, we'll lower your hearthstones to every 30 minutes. WHAT? You're eliminating an abuse of the game mechanic, yet you're going to reward all of those people that abused the game mechanic and complained about it with a 30 minute hearthstone? Come on guys, grow a pair. Stand firm in your decision. Don't keep giving in to these people that qq and complain every chance they get.

Seriously, there's something wrong with the game right now. Maybe I should qq about it. Because it seems like every time someone qq's about something in the game, the devs give in (see: Love is in the Air, Children's Week, etc., etc.). Just cry enough on the forums and the devs will listen. I'm fairly certain they'll remove the 12 month requirement for the Brewmaster title, instead replacing it with an achievement to just buy the brew of the month membership rather than sampling all 12 brews. God knows people have qq'ed enough about it.

Feb 25, 2009

I knew it....Easy-mode Continues

As I predicted, Blizzard got enough people qq'ing on the forums, and presumably through the "Contact a GM" in-game and they've caved. They're now going to give anyone who obtained 6 of the 8 candies the Be Mine! achievement, thus granting many players the Love Fool title.

So there it is folks, just cry and complain enough and Blizzard will give it to you. Let's just give anything and everything to anyone and everyone who wants it. QQ moar.

Feb 24, 2009

New Achievements

Come 3.1, there's going to be some fun new Noblegarden achievements. Ummm...yay?

But here's probably the most insanely impossible achievement in the game:
Insane in the Membrane - Raise your reputation with the areas listed below. Title Reward: The Insane Requirements: Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers, Consortium Tabard, Exalted with Booty Bay, Exalted with Everlook, Exalted with Gadgetzan, Exalted with Ratchet, Exalted with Darkmoon Faire, Exalted with Ravenholdt, Exalted with Shen'dralar

Honored with Bloodsail? Check.
Consortium Tabard? Check.
Exalted with Goblin Factions? They better add in a way to get these up - because if you went for Bloodsail, that's an insanely long grind (which I guess the title refers to).
Exalted with Darkmoon Faire? Working on it. Insanely expensive.
Exalted with Ravenholdt? Damn...was working on it, but very tough.
Exalted with Shen'dralar? Also working on it when I can find the librams on the auction house. I better buy up all I can now because they're going to rocket in price.

And then there's these:
# Dreadsteed of Xoroth - Completed the Dreadsteed of Xoroth warlock quest.
# Charger - Completed the paladin quest to obtain a Charger.
# Swift Flight Form - Completed the druid quest to obtain Swift Flight Form.

Pretty lame. Hopefully these are Feats of Strength because thus far, there haven't been any achievements that can only be completed by a select group of people. If you're going to add in warlock, paladin, and druid only achievements, there better damn well be a mage only achievement.

Earn exalted status with and the right to represent every Alliance race's faction in the Argent Tournament.

Nice. I'll easily get 5 new titles. ...of Darnassus, ...of the Exodar, ...of Gnomeregan, ...of Ironforge, and ...of Stormwind. Score. Should be a fun tournament. Go Argent Dawn.

Maly 25: Take 1

Last night, I got my first chance to step into the heroic Eye of Eternity. Parts of our "Gold Team" joined up with parts of Aenador's "Team 2" to see if we could destroy Malygos. After a few tries getting the death knights comfortable in their roles, and getting Phases 2 and 3 down pat, we almost downed Maly, getting him to 4% before he enraged and wiped the raid. On our next attempt, we had more drakes up during Phase 3, but had spent too much time in Phases 1 and 2, so again he enraged. Our last attempt was pretty ugly, but we now know that he is beatable by our group. If we bring in just a little more DPS and have more people practice the Aces High! daily, we should have no problem next week.

In other happenings, I joined up with Aenador's team over the weekend to conquer Serpentshrine Cavern. I wasn't able to fish up the Lurker for the achievement, but I was finally able to kill Vashj and get her vial for my quest. I was hoping to get the Hand of A'dal title because I had obtained the starter quest before they removed the title, but apparently with Wrath, no one is able to achieve the title, no matter when they picked up the quest.

We then went on, quickly cleared Tempest Keep and Zul'Gurub, and next week we plan on going into Hyjal and the Sunwell. Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep really were a joke for our group as we didn't really have to worry about any boss mechanics as our DPS would just destroy them before they had a chance to do anything. It was fun, but a shame I never got to see SSC or TK at normal levels to really learn the boss fights. I mean, I knew the Lurker and Hydross, but we never got further, so I never saw Vashj or Morogrim at full strength (or any boss in TK). Kind of sad.

On another note, 3.1 was released to the PTR today and news is flowing in constantly. I'll see if I have time later to post my thoughts. All I can say right now is, yay for more pets and more achievements.

Feb 23, 2009

Naxx 25: Take 2

Last Friday, the Gold Team ventured into Heroic Naxxramas for our second attempt at the instance. We had some different healers, some different DPS, and some last minute pick ups from the looking for group channel.

In the end, we managed to clear up to Thaddius, a nice improvement over our first attempt. However, even though we had the DPS to take down Patchwerk (which now seems to be a tank/healer check), we didn't have the DPS for Thaddius (a pure DPS check). In our first attempt, we had too many people not knowing what to do with their charges which wiped too much of the group to continue. During our second attempt (mostly) everyone figured it out, but there were a couple that thought you switched sides every time, so they died promptly, but won't make that mistake again.

In the end, I averaged 4200 DPS on boss fights which is a respectable number and we had a few under 2000 - which is not acceptable. I know the one shaman under 2000 DPS is a new 80, and we're working on gearing him up, but the others that were down there were from looking for group and unless they can improve by next week, I doubt they'll be reinvited.

On my favorite (or maybe second favorite behind Heigan) fight, Loatheb, I was able to keep the crit buff (which everyone should be able to do), and I put out 6,000 DPS. Now that's fun stuff. Next closest: 4500 DPS.

On Patchwerk, a straight single target DPS race, I was able to do 4371 sustained DPS, #1 over the hunter (4165 DPS) and the ret pally (4065 DPS). It's good to see mages on top of the DPS charts, but I know that in certain situations, there are others with similar gear that can out DPS me which I still feel is an issue. We're the glass cannons and should be doing the most DPS with the optimal spec.

With regards to loot, it seemed as if a lot of tank / pally items were dropping as I didn't see anything to roll on until Loatheb who dropped both Boots of Impetuous Ideals and Mantle of the Lost Vanquisher. I lost both those rolls, but I lost them to core members of our group, so I was very happy to see them get much-needed upgrades (the boots were only a slight upgrade for me).

However, my patience paid off as Gluth dropped another pair of Mantle of the Lost Vanquisher which I finally won after the wonderful Dylana refused to take them (so I didn't really win them, I was given them out of pity :).

So I'm now rocking purple pineapple shoulders and love them. They're my first best-in-slot item, so no more possible shoulder upgrades. Though my T7.5 leggings are very close to being best-in-slot and might be. (The boots Loatheb dropped are also best-in-slot for me).

Next week I'm really hoping to see the Military Quarter as we haven't stepped inside yet. I don't really know how it stacks up difficulty-wise when compared to the Construct Quarter, but hopefully we can spend some time in there, perhaps instead of the Arachnid Quarter.