Apr 18, 2008

Lack of Updates

I know I've been slacking, there just hasn't been too much to write about. The Gold 25 Man Team went into Gruul's & Magtheridon's Lair and absolutely destroyed the place. With so much time to spare, we ventured into SSC, cleared all of the trash without any real effort (though nothing! dropped - no Marks of Illidari, Nether Vortices, patterns, nothing), and we got to the Lurker Below. We had just one shot at him, most everyone was new to the fight (I have seen it a few times, never seen it successfully done), and we got him down to about 70%. Next week he dies.

I had a chance to make it back into Karazhan after a few weeks off and picked up some badges. I'm approaching 50 badges now from Karazhan, Shattered Sun Supplies, and random bosses (Gruul, Setthekk Halls, etc.). So now I'm contemplating making more changes to my gear.

The one item I'm considering is the Boots of Incantations to replace my Boots of Blasting. It's a loss of 25 crit for a gain of 12 stamina, 1 intellect, 23 spirit, 4 spell hit, and 16 damage. I just need to get to 75 badges and I'll make the switch.

I'm also considering losing my Spellfire set, but I probably won't as I'd only upgrade two pieces and the stat changes don't really make too much sense at this time.

One other change I'm looking to make quite soon is to switch out Enchant Gloves: Spell Strike for Enchant Gloves: Major Spellpower. I'm pretty certain that with one more Great Lionseye, I'll be able to make the change. It's a huge upgrade as usually hit and damage are traded at a 1:1 ratio, so 20 damage for 15 hit is something I'll be looking into next week.

Should be interesting to be out of town this weekend. It's been a while since I haven't played at least a little on any given day. In fact Sunday will be the first day since the patch I won't be able to complete the daily fishing quest. That stupid quest is the bane of my existence. No good reward yet. No pets, no nothing. At least with the daily cooking quest I was able to get a recipe a week, whereas it's been almost a month now without anything good - no new line, no hat, no pets.

Apr 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

Not too much happened this weekend. Other than a sweet necklace upgrade: Hellfire Encased Pendant It dropped off of trash in Hyjal and I won the roll with a great roll of 97. A definite upgrade over my Vindicator's Pendant of Conquest. Luckily I hadn't earned the honor points needed for the Vindicator's Pendant of Subjugation as the Pendant would have replaced it. I also had a Great Lionseye cut to replace the hit rating lost from the Pendant of Conquest. Another rare gem upgraded to epic...

On another note, I've been buying Netherweave Cloth as suggested at Wow Investor. I buy any stacks that are less than 3g and turn them into Heavy Netherweave Bandages. The 10 bandages sell for 3g to a vendor (I could try to auction them, but if they don't sell, that cuts into my profit margins. Today I bought about 40-50 stacks of cloth at less than 3g, including 20 stacks from someone who put them up for 2g 30s. That's a 70s profit on each stack x20 stacks = 14g. All in, I probably made between 20-30g by buying cloth and selling bandages. Just takes some time, which I had plenty of today. Thank you undercutting sellers! I guess they're happy too, but they could have made more from bandages...