Aug 15, 2009

Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night

Friday night - 25 man...Started at the Coliseum. And after 2 hours to master the Northrend Beasts last week, our 25 man went in and one shot them this week. An amazing improvement. Then we moved on to Jaraxxus. Again, most of the team hadn't seen the fight, so it took them one or two tries to see how it all worked, and on our third attempt of the night, he went down! I'm still convinced that no cloth items drop in there, but nonetheless, I got myself a Trophy of the Crusade. I currently have 28 emblems of Triumph, so when I get to 45, I know what I'm shoulders! Khadgar's Shoulderpads of Triumph. I can't wait!

We then moved over to Ulduar, and blew through Flame Leviathan, obtaining Unbroken (25 player). So it was a good night. I had to leave early, but the team continued on through Auriaya and we'll probably extend our raid lockout through next week so we can again work on the Coliseum and then go to work on Hodir, Thorim, and Freya.

On an unrelated note, after two weeks, my Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed finally sold. I got a nice 3,500g out of them. So I'm once again above 10,000g. I am debating saving up for the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth or the Grand Ice Mammoth. I'll probably keep saving for the Tundra Mammoth so on my farmings of Strat or Wailing Caverns, I can easily get rid of my extra loot by breaking him out. Having access to a vendor at all times would be really nice. Just 5,000g to go.

And speaking of mounts, I've switched my mount collection over to My 91 mount collection can now be viewed here.

Aug 13, 2009

Not Mentioned

Not mentioned last night was our almost one-shot of Jaraxxus. After we quickly blew through the Northrend Loot-PiƱatas, Jaraxxus taunted us by killing the poor little warlock, Fizzlebang. So we had the DPS spread out and we prepared to take him on with that stupid Icehowl carcass right in the middle of everything. Unfortunately, one of our melee DPS got the fire-trailing debuff and didn't run away from all the other melee, so we quickly lost a lot of DPS and I alone couldn't handle the Mistress of Pain and the rock constructs. So we had one quick wipe. But we regrouped, got our strategy down - which involved one melee DPS helping me on the adds and we quickly burned Jaraxxus down. Maybe he should be called Jokeraxxus? He is pretty much a joke. And we wait another week for another boss. And at some point, we might be able to set it to heroic and actually have a challenge presented to us.

Aug 12, 2009

What's This?

What is this?

But how?

3 Drakes? Awesome. So?

Sweet, but did I win the roll? No. But Comador did, and passed them to me!

And is that it?

So how many points is that?

But how? Did I get more achievements tonight? Why yes!


Is that it?

And thus ends a great night.

Aug 11, 2009

Heroic Achievements Left

Courtesy the amazing Quick, these are the heroic achievements I have remaining:

These achievements are:

3 in Drak'Tharon - but all three easy - I just haven't been in ages, or haven't been in a group that wanted to do achievements.

Consumption Junction - Quite easy if you know what you're doing - just have to hide behind pillars to prevent his stacks from reaching 10.

Oh Novos! - Even easier. Just really no skill involved. Just keep the stairs clear.

Better off Dred - Heard it's easy, I've just never even attempted it. I should be able to get these three in one simple run.

1 in Gun'drak - Less-Rabi. Takes a lot of luck and some perfect timing to get those last transforms from going off. Hopefully we'll have an attempt tonight at it. He's quite easy to get to in the instance.

1 in Culling of Stratholme - Zombiefest! Another one that I heard is easy, but just takes time and most groups want to plow through for a bronze drake. I think we all have the drakes now, so it shouldn't be hard to convince a group to do this one in the future.

1 in the Nexus - Split Personality. Another one that just takes luck. The last time we attempted it, we easily did the first split on time, but on the second one, one of the images was just barely outside of our AOE and she didn't go down fast enough. Shouldn't be too hard to get.

1 in the Oculus - Make it Count. According to the comments, it's not too hard to get - just have to have a focused group that won't wipe and can quickly move from platform to platform without having to kill too many drakes in between.

1 in Violet Hold - Dehydration. Figgy says this one is easy to get - I've tried to time the pulling of the levers to kill the blobs before they can merge at all. I think I'll just have to go with her and leave it up to her to pull the levers at the right time.

And then I'll be done!
(well, except for the new Trial of the Crusader ones - but those will just take time)

Heroic Achievements!

As most know, I love my achievements. So when I asked if we could do Shutout (25 player), I was rebuffed. We had too many new comers that night and we just wanted to blow through the bosses. Well, I persisted, got some others to join my side, and we took a shot at it. And we completely destroyed the Flame Leviathan. And by destroyed, we broke our old record by almost a minute. Next (or two) towers!

So that was done, I was happy and we continued on, getting a few more bosses down before calling it a night. On Sunday night though, people were itching for some Triumph badges, so it was time to do the heroic daily. Over to the Oculus we went. We decided to try and do only Amber Drakes to get a couple of "void" achievements. After a couple of tries, we mastered the 5xAmber Drake achievement (it actually goes really fast if you know what you're doing) and I was one drake closer to Experienced Drake Rider. We then decided to push our luck and try for one of the harder achievements, Watch Him Die. After our first attempt (where we would have had him if I had Ice Blocked in time - both he and I died at the same time and we were denied), we waited for our healer's cooldown to come back (10 minutes), but again it didn't work, so instead of waiting another 10 minutes, we just decided to try without the cooldown and zerg once again. And, success! I successfully trinketed out of the disorient, and just as I ice blocked out of webbing, he went down via my (and probably other people's) DOTs. Success!

Last night, again, people want those triumph badges and it was the dreaded Ahn'kahet. I had but one achievement to go in there, the seemingly impossible Volazj's Quick Demise. I read up on some hints and was all ready to go in. We had our pally switch to a tank spec, yet he was healing. We all had our macros ready to unequip our weapon and then quickly equip it once insanity was cast. And somehow...even though we didn't use our macros correctly, somehow, we did it. For some reason, his 66% insanity cast lagged. Our tank got in a perfect spell reflection, and before he got his cast off, he was under 33%. So somehow, via a bug, or via our insane DPS, we forced him to cast just one insanity. After the insanity wore off (and I just BARELY) survived, we burned him down, and even as the tank thought we were giving up due to deaths, we continued through and I have no idea how much time we had left, but we did it and Ahn'kahet is eternally clear for me.

That left us with a couple of places to go next. We decided on Gun'drak. The two crazy achievement whores in the group wanted to try Less-rabi. I respecced to get improved counterspell to silence him for 4 seconds when he drops below 50% and our other mage already had it in his PvP spec. So with our druid getting the first interrupt, the tank on the second, we would be under 50% and it would then be up to us mages to use our counterspells to take him down. And we almost had it. On the first attempt, I timed my counterspell perfectly, called out for the second one, and while he was about to cast it, Moonrabi transormed. So we ran out, reset it, and tried again. No luck, and to top it off, our DOTs killed him. So no Less-rabi last night. But there was one achievement to try for - Share the Love. After a long time, he finally impaled all 5 of us, I got a res from the druid, and we downed him! Success. So we're working our way towards Glory of the Hero
. I have about 9 to go. Some really easy, some still pretty tough. But hopefully with this renewed wont to run heroics for the triumph and conquest badges, I should finally get my Glory of the Hero some time soon.

Aug 9, 2009

Finally! 3/4

So, it finally happened. That mean old man Barlo finally decided to reward my countless times doing his Crocolisk quest with Muchbreath's Bucket. So now I sit at 3/4 crocs with just Snarly to go. Off to hunt more raptors. I'm certainly not paying 3,000g for them on the auction house.