Jan 22, 2010

Slow Week

It's been a slow week on the side of Tiddlywinks. On the other hand, I just power leveled my rogue Tockett from 71-80 in about 2 days. It's almost too easy when you give him flight at level 71. But back to Tiddly, we went into ICC(10) again last night. We took down the 6 bosses we pretty much have on farm, but instead of going after Putricide, we wanted to see what the Blood Princes were like. That's a pretty crazy fight. I think we've got it down now, but we ran out of time without and they live to fight another day.

On the gear front though, I got some nice upgrades - I of course got my Bloodmage Hood right on time and last night found the Ether-Soaked Bracers. They are just the slightest upgrade over the Bejeweled Wizard Bracers, but they provide hit on them which I lost when I replaced my head piece. I now sit just 3 points below the hit cap, which I would rather have than being 7 points over. The other mages in my raid don't like how the Bloodmage Hood looks, but honestly, I think it's pretty damn imposing. And it looks awesome with the robe. Oh yeah, the two piece bonus is amazing as well.

On the achievement front, not much new. Got a couple in our 25 man run of ICC last week, but finally got Got My Mind on My Money (25,000)
(which now has me at 54/54 general achievements). Which is good...since I've been saving up lots of gold to buy Primordial Saronite. I almost was able to purchase 5 yesterday for 10.5k gold, but at the last second, the shifty druid decided to keep the saronite for his own boots...oh well. The prices were down to about 2,250 on the auction house earlier this week, but there are none on auction right now, so I expect prices to go back up. I only need 7 more to craft the most awesome leggings...

I've also been meaning to do an update to my UI posts since a lot has chanced since last march. I just keep forgetting to take screenshots while raiding, but I will try my hardest to remember this weekend when we do our 25 man raid. My UI is much cleaner than the previous post and works amazingly.