Oct 18, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

I woke up today and started fishing in Ironforge for Old Ironjaw - and then I saw it - Trick or Treat! And so it begins. I quickly set off and found the treats in the Ironforge in and started to get a group going for the Headless Horseman. We traveled to Goldshire, picked up the quest and then trekked up to the Scarlet Monastery. All told, after completing the quest and switching people out for others, we had 13 tries on him (he bugged out on one). In the 13 tries, we of course got a ton of rings, three brooms, one Hallowed Helm, and no squashlings.

I shall try again tomorrow I guess, but with the achievement Sinister Calling, I fear there will be more competition than usual for my pet. Luckily, as long as I run with the guild, I might get lucky as people there know I'm a pet collector, but I don't want to deprive them of their achievements, so it's a fine line to walk. They really need to increase the drop rate if they want people to get the Hallowed title.

After fighting the Horseman, I plan on traveling the world to trick and treat and also do whatever other achievements pop up for me.

Oct 16, 2008


Finished up all the exploration achievements tonight. Also did a couple of the fishing ones. Lastly, I ended the night with Captain Rumsey's Lager. That got me to 200/750 achievements and 2,095 points. Lots to do this weekend!

I also got most, but not all of my pets back in the mail after they got lost in the nether. I'll figure out which ones are missing and request them tomorrow.

Pets & Mounts

Along with my fun with achievements last night, I also earned my 11th "Feat of Strength" - Big Blizzard Bear. And boy is he big. I can't get through any doors with him and that murloc on the front just needs to be punted away. I have to say though, despite the murloc, he looks pretty darn cool.

A couple of nights ago, I also put all of my pets into my own personal zoo and was rewarded by Breanni, my favorite gnome vendor, with Stinker. Unfortunately, I forgot to pose with him, but here's the wonderful letter Breanni wrote to me.

Oct 15, 2008

Achievements Galore!

Ok, notwithstanding the exploration achievements, I was able to get quite a few done tonight. I was able to cross off Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs, Wailing Caverns, Ragefire Chasm, and I completed Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!

While working on Ragefire Chasm, I was also able to quickly fish in Orgrimmar, port to Stormwind, and complete the Fishing Diplomat. I had just one quest left for the Terror of Terokkar and with that one quest, I earned my Loremaster of Outland achievement.

I now stand at 1930 achievement points, 300+ since logging in on patch day.

I am at 609/700 of Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and a measly 476/730 of Loremaster of Kalimdor. I finished Exploring Kalimdor and had Outland done when I started. Tomorrow I will finish the Eastern Kingdoms.

Finally, I have to work on my Lower City, Honor Hold, and Keepers of Time rep for the Burning Crusader and that will also get me to 25 exalted factions. Lastly, I picked up my Blizzcon mount
today and now have 11 feats of strength.

So Incredibly Annoying

((Worked hard all day, greatly anticipating the patch when I got home. Got home, patch had already downloaded in the background, let's install! So I started installation and it was going slow despite my speedy computer specs, so I went outside to do some work. Checked after install and tried to get into the game, couldn't get past "Handshaking..."

Went back outside, did more yard work, came back in, connection Success! Select my server, waiting for characters. Nope. No characters. Select my server, waiting for characters. Rinse and repeat x20.

So then the server goes offline. Finally, I think. They're fixing it. It comes back and we get characters to appear. Then the blue bar of doom. Loading World of Warcraft...full blue bar. And we're stuck. Only way out, manually kill WoW.exe. Rinse and repeat.

So, I go back to watching House, return a while later and what's this!? I'm in! Quick, learn pets and mounts from bags full of pets and mounts. Sweet, I've got 50 pets. I've got Stinky waiting in my bank! Yay, it's all working now. Go outside, try and mount. Nope. Sorry - you didn't think you'd be able to go anywhere did you? Try and cast a spell. Nope. Sorry, you didn't think you'd be able to do anything did you?

Oh wait, server crash.

So back to TV. Wait for server to come back online. Blue bar of loading death. Kill WoW.exe. Wait a little longer, get in game. Yay! Maybe everything's fixed now. Hotkey for mount pressed, nope. You have no mounts. WHAT?! All my mounts and pets (except for 4 pets) are gone. Stinky is still waiting in my mailbox (I can't get him out!).

Screw it. Off to bed for me. Sick of this crap. I knew there would be some problems, but not problems on such a grand scale.

Wake up early, shower, shave, etc. Turn on computer just to see if pets and mounts are back. WORLD SERVER DOWN.

Oh what a wonderful start to a beautiful day. Off to work for me. I left early to get home to have fun with patch. I'll probably work late just to save myself some frustration upon returning home to another borked patch.

I did get my point total for achievements though - 1620 with 10 feats of strength (soon to be 11 after getting Polar Bear mount). I probably should have spent more time getting my rep up with Lower City, Keepers of Time, and Honor Hold. Probably another good 100-150 rep there I missed out on. However, I am now known as Tiddlywinks the Diplomat.))

Oct 14, 2008

Initial Achievement Points

I'm just curious how many achievement points you have right when you log in (including learning any pets or mounts you might have in your bank). Post the number in comments.

Total after just learning pets and mounts: 1620 :)

10 Feats of Strength.