Apr 7, 2009

Loremaster Murkimus

Last night, after seeing both Ryshat and Phosphorex log in, I convinced them to head over to the tournament realm so I could get a few last minute games in. I had been stuck at exactly 200 games played and I was worried that if they threw out a game where the other team had just given up or not shown up for battle that my game total would dip below 200 and I wouldn't get the wonderful Murkimus pet. So we quickly got in 4 games, I ended up with 204 games played at an almost 50/50 win/loss ratio and I'm eagerly awaiting my pet in the mail in a few weeks.

After we had those games done, I continued with my pursuit of the Loremaster title. Over the weekend, having finally regained positive relations with all the goblin clans, I figured there had to be some quests they would ask my assistance with. Unfortunately, prior to befriending the Bloodsails, I had already completed all the goblin quests I could find and they had nothing new for me. So I scoured every city I could find, eventually finding a couple of quests in the Stonetalon Mountains, one in Silithus I had left uncompleted, and a couple in Feralas. I was at a loss for quests and thought I would not find a way to earn my title.

Upon using a portal to travel to Darnassus, I came upon a quest I had forgotten about - cloth turn-ins. So after turning in wool, silk, mageweave, and runecloth, I was close, but not close enough. I took a portal to the Exodar and was able to only turn in runecloth. So there I was, 3 quests short of Loremaster when I remembered...those Infected Nightsaber Runts drop a Faintly Glowing Crystal that starts a quest! So on my first kill I had it, I turned it in, and lo-and-behold, there was a follow-up quest. Completed it, and I'm one away from Loremaster. And there it was, a big yellow exclamation point on my map - The Great Moongraze Hunt. I'm not quite sure why I never did it in the first place, and I'm also not sure why I never thought about coming back to Azuremyst Isle to look for quests - I just mistakenly assumed on my first pass through Azuremyst, I got all the quests, but apparently, one was left behind. I quickly completed it, and upon turning it in...

And, here I sit, Loremaster Tiddlywinks, a nice change from Salty Tiddlywinks for a bit. It would be interesting to see the rarest titles in the game (probably Twilight Vanquisher, or server first titles) - I would guess Chef, Salty, and Loremaster are pretty rare. Now, what is next?

Well, I have just one "quest" achievement left - Rapid Defense - so I'd like to clear that up and have 49/49 quest achievements complete. I also have one realistic "exploration" achievement left to do - Medium Rare - so I'd like to clear that one up as well. Then I think it's back to heroic 5-man achievements and, of course, I need to take down that pesky Kel'Thuzad in heroic Naxx. Unfortunately, I will be gone this Friday and won't have a shot at him this week (so he'll likely go down this week when I'm not there), but I'll get him sooner or later. But perhaps the week after, we'll have a brand new patch with tons of brand new achievements to ferret out. It certainly feels good to finally have Loremaster crossed off the list.