Feb 24, 2009

Maly 25: Take 1

Last night, I got my first chance to step into the heroic Eye of Eternity. Parts of our "Gold Team" joined up with parts of Aenador's "Team 2" to see if we could destroy Malygos. After a few tries getting the death knights comfortable in their roles, and getting Phases 2 and 3 down pat, we almost downed Maly, getting him to 4% before he enraged and wiped the raid. On our next attempt, we had more drakes up during Phase 3, but had spent too much time in Phases 1 and 2, so again he enraged. Our last attempt was pretty ugly, but we now know that he is beatable by our group. If we bring in just a little more DPS and have more people practice the Aces High! daily, we should have no problem next week.

In other happenings, I joined up with Aenador's team over the weekend to conquer Serpentshrine Cavern. I wasn't able to fish up the Lurker for the achievement, but I was finally able to kill Vashj and get her vial for my quest. I was hoping to get the Hand of A'dal title because I had obtained the starter quest before they removed the title, but apparently with Wrath, no one is able to achieve the title, no matter when they picked up the quest.

We then went on, quickly cleared Tempest Keep and Zul'Gurub, and next week we plan on going into Hyjal and the Sunwell. Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep really were a joke for our group as we didn't really have to worry about any boss mechanics as our DPS would just destroy them before they had a chance to do anything. It was fun, but a shame I never got to see SSC or TK at normal levels to really learn the boss fights. I mean, I knew the Lurker and Hydross, but we never got further, so I never saw Vashj or Morogrim at full strength (or any boss in TK). Kind of sad.

On another note, 3.1 was released to the PTR today and news is flowing in constantly. I'll see if I have time later to post my thoughts. All I can say right now is, yay for more pets and more achievements.

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