Feb 25, 2009

I knew it....Easy-mode Continues

As I predicted, Blizzard got enough people qq'ing on the forums, and presumably through the "Contact a GM" in-game and they've caved. They're now going to give anyone who obtained 6 of the 8 candies the Be Mine! achievement, thus granting many players the Love Fool title.

So there it is folks, just cry and complain enough and Blizzard will give it to you. Let's just give anything and everything to anyone and everyone who wants it. QQ moar.

1 comment:

Eleazarjr said...

Well that sucks Tiddly. I know you worked hard for that title and I can see how this would aggravate someone. Now you know, instead of spending time working towards your goal, spend more time QQ'ing to GMs.