Feb 23, 2009

Naxx 25: Take 2

Last Friday, the Gold Team ventured into Heroic Naxxramas for our second attempt at the instance. We had some different healers, some different DPS, and some last minute pick ups from the looking for group channel.

In the end, we managed to clear up to Thaddius, a nice improvement over our first attempt. However, even though we had the DPS to take down Patchwerk (which now seems to be a tank/healer check), we didn't have the DPS for Thaddius (a pure DPS check). In our first attempt, we had too many people not knowing what to do with their charges which wiped too much of the group to continue. During our second attempt (mostly) everyone figured it out, but there were a couple that thought you switched sides every time, so they died promptly, but won't make that mistake again.

In the end, I averaged 4200 DPS on boss fights which is a respectable number and we had a few under 2000 - which is not acceptable. I know the one shaman under 2000 DPS is a new 80, and we're working on gearing him up, but the others that were down there were from looking for group and unless they can improve by next week, I doubt they'll be reinvited.

On my favorite (or maybe second favorite behind Heigan) fight, Loatheb, I was able to keep the crit buff (which everyone should be able to do), and I put out 6,000 DPS. Now that's fun stuff. Next closest: 4500 DPS.

On Patchwerk, a straight single target DPS race, I was able to do 4371 sustained DPS, #1 over the hunter (4165 DPS) and the ret pally (4065 DPS). It's good to see mages on top of the DPS charts, but I know that in certain situations, there are others with similar gear that can out DPS me which I still feel is an issue. We're the glass cannons and should be doing the most DPS with the optimal spec.

With regards to loot, it seemed as if a lot of tank / pally items were dropping as I didn't see anything to roll on until Loatheb who dropped both Boots of Impetuous Ideals and Mantle of the Lost Vanquisher. I lost both those rolls, but I lost them to core members of our group, so I was very happy to see them get much-needed upgrades (the boots were only a slight upgrade for me).

However, my patience paid off as Gluth dropped another pair of Mantle of the Lost Vanquisher which I finally won after the wonderful Dylana refused to take them (so I didn't really win them, I was given them out of pity :).

So I'm now rocking purple pineapple shoulders and love them. They're my first best-in-slot item, so no more possible shoulder upgrades. Though my T7.5 leggings are very close to being best-in-slot and might be. (The boots Loatheb dropped are also best-in-slot for me).

Next week I'm really hoping to see the Military Quarter as we haven't stepped inside yet. I don't really know how it stacks up difficulty-wise when compared to the Construct Quarter, but hopefully we can spend some time in there, perhaps instead of the Arachnid Quarter.


Blake said...

Since WowWebStats reports expire, I don't like linking them in the main post, but here they are in case people want to browse them:


Alaranddl said...


You know in your heart of hearts, hunters should be #1!

OK, now that we have that "fact" cleared up, my impression and experience is that the Military Quarter is easier. (In our pseudo pug 25 man, we've cleared the Military Quarter with weaker dps.) There are no real gear checks. I think you guys will roll through it. The 4H fight is a matter of moderate coordination, and you have the dps to do the "nuke Korthazz" strat (much less coordination required.)

Can I ask question about heroic Thaddius? I did it for the first time in 10 man on Saturday, but found it very easy, and was annoyed that a few people could not tell the difference between + and -. Is it more complex on heroic?

Good news: I'm coming on Saturday with you guys unless I hear differently from the raid leader.

Final thought: you know those guys doing under 2k on the bosses? I don't think it's a matter of gear. It has to be spec / rotation or both. A mage or hunter in quest / dungeon blues with a few greens should be hitting 2K with 25 man buffs. A 30 minute visit to class forums would make many bad players acceptable ones.

Blake said...

No. Hunters trap, have pets, wear mail. They should be slightly less DPS than mages. :)

I just love seeing new stuff, so I think it'd be interesting to see the military quarter on heroic. Hopefully with the right group this Friday we can clear it.

And when you said Saturday, you meant Friday I hope. We run 6-10 on Friday.

As for Thaddius, it is no more complex on heroic. The first time, we just had people who didn't really understand the concept as explained to them. And the second time around, they just figured their charge changed every time, which they now know is incorrect and that should be fixed this week.

It's just a matter of getting 25 semi-competent players together who have done their homework and come prepared. Hopefully we'll get those 25 soon.

Eleazarjr said...

On that Thaddius fight we actually ran into a DPS problem. We had some low dps in the run that day and hope to be weeding those out and keeping the hard hitting ones. I am pleased to know that at least one of those will be replaced with the hard hitting Alarand. I'm sure we will do much better and I think covering a different wing this time will optimize the groups comfort level with the entire instance and allow us to find our "groove" faster. Al I hope you meant Friday like Tiddlywinks said. If there is any confusion about the schedule let me know bud. Tiddly, I am a long time reader first time poster =).

Alaranddl said...

OK, thanks for the clarification Jr and Tiddly. Do you guys ever do a Saturday run to clean up "leftovers"? Maybe I just saw you in 10 man Naxx and made an incorrect assumption.

Anyway, random digression -- did a pug EoE last night and boy was it tough. We got to phase three, but I was clueless and had not dpsed fast enough. Could either of you give me a sense of what kind of dps one should be doing in 10 man EoE? Let's say 2 tanks (one for grabbing sparks), 3 healers, 5 dps.

Another random digression: 3.1 for hunters looks exciting.

Blake said...

Well, we've 9 manned Maly (2 healers), so the DPS isn't an issue too much. With sparks, everyone should probably be around 3k. It really helps to have a death knight to pull the sparks in. They really have to stack so you can get 2 buffs to DPS Maly down fast enough to get to Stages 2 & 3.

Then it just requires coordination on Phase 3 where you should have one healer I believe (we only had 2 last night on 25 man).

Alaranddl said...

here's the wws from 2/27:


Blake said...

Yeah, you did awesome. That mage has a lot to learn. She had pretty good gear, but I saw her pulling out some strange abilities, so she must be a hybrid spec with some PVP? We'll get that darn military quarter next week.