Feb 27, 2009

Thaddius Down, Military Quarter on Notice!

We once again ventured back into heroic Naxxramas, this time with a full group assembled at six, ready to go. We quickly stepped inside, buffed up and destroyed the Arachnid Quarter. Ventured into the Plague Quater, ran into little resistance, hit a couple of speed bumps in the Construct Quarter, but we cleared them all. I was forced to take a slight upgrade with the Cowl of Vanity even though I tried passing it, so I'm about 250g lighter in the pocket after buying gems and the arcanum.

But I had fun tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed blowing everything up.

Anub'Rekhan: 4200 DPS
Faerlina: 4000
Maexxna: 2600 (I was on web duty and running all over the place)
Noth: 3800
Heigan: 2700
Loatheb: 6200
Patchwerk: 4200
Grobbulus: 3100
Gluth: Kiting Duty
Thaddius: 7650
Trash Mobs: 4040

So yeah, fun time. I went through a stack of my food, 2 flasks, and lots of conjured food. We had 24 of 25 people split 40 pieces of gear, and next time we go back in, we'll be just that much stronger.

Viva la Gold Team!


Alaranddl said...

It was great running with you guys, Tid. I'm hoping to join again next week; if not, then the following week.

Unknown said...

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