Mar 31, 2009

More Cooking Dailies

Recently, I haven't been doing the cooking dailies that often. Every once in a while, as I stroll through Dalaran, I'll check in and do the daily to get a cooking award or two along with some spices as my raiding food always needs to be kept fully stocked. After getting the 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards achievement and Hail to the Chef, there's really been no point to the awards...until now. Behold - the Chef's HAT!

The Chef's Hat - 100 Cooking Awards
How sweet it will be to walk around with this awesome hat on and my Chef title. Of course, after the patch, with new recipes added, the Chef title won't be as rare. Just like the pet fawn, since there's going to be more pets added, 75 pets won't be as hard to obtain. Everything gets easier, so I guess they'll just throw us little awards like this cool hat (which I don't have room for in my bank anyways) to show that not only did we buy every recipe with our awards, we can also buy the hat and are true chefs.

(Plus, I just saw there's an achievement as well. Time to start doing those dailies!)

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