Apr 2, 2009

5 Mans

When some of our 10 man group didn't show up tonight (or were planning on not showing up), we had just 7 to go have fun with. So we decided we'd run 5 man heroics and rotate people out, but two people had other things to do, so the 5 of us that were left decided to go wreak some havoc thoughout Azeroth.

First up was Utgarde Keep where we quickly got On the Rocks (I had it, but others didn't). We hopped up to Utgarde Pinnacle and got The Incredible Hulk, My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time, and Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi (I only needed the last one). After that, it was a quick port back to Dalaran, another port to the Caverns of Time and then the Culling of Stratholme for The Culling of Time (where I also won the drake! 74 mounts for me). COS was also the heroic daily, so a few more gold and badges for me there and I had also saved up the regular daily for a while, so I got that done as well. I have just one more dungeon to go for Timear Foresees.

After the Culling of Stratholme, we headed up towards Ulduar to do the Halls of Lightning where we got Shatter Resistant and Timely Death (in just 36 seconds). We then hopped over to the Halls of Stone and got Good Grief (also in 36 seconds) and Abuse the Ooze
. Somehow Brann took damage and we missed out on his achievement.

So here I sit with 5600 achievement points. Yay!

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