Feb 13, 2009

Sarth, Maly, Naxx

Last night, our ten man team got together (well, 9 of us for the start), and we quickly downed Sartharion (no drakes) and Malygos with 9, then hit up Naxxramas. We cleared the Arachnid Quarter with 9 and then added our last DPS for the rest of the run. We cleared all four wings except for the Four Horsemen before our quitting time and there were a few upgrades handed out, but most notably, I received the Gown of the Spell Weaver! Currently, it's the best chest piece in the game for me (which is odd that there's no heroic item better).

With the exceptional amount of spell hit on the Gown, I was able to quickly port to Dalaran and buy a Sundial of the Exiled
to replace my Mark of the War Prisoner. Right now I'm a little under the hit cap and I'd be at or above the hit cap if a shadow priest or shaman joined our group. But I'm ok with the slight hit chance. Pouring over my Patchwerk numbers from last night, I had one Frostfire Bolt miss and one Living Bomb miss. The Living Bomb isn't a bit deal since it's easy to recast, but losing Frostfire damage sucks. So I might throw an extra hit gem in my gear to get me a little higher.

Our 25 man raid tonight is cancelled due to key players being out of town, so maybe we'll finish up Naxxramas from last night, or I'll just be searching for that last candy to complete my Fool for Love achievement which will put me that much closer to What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been (would give me 4/7 complete).

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