Feb 14, 2009

A New Macro

With my recent addition of the Gown of the Spell-Weaver, I've been able to replace my Mark of the War Prisoner with the Sundial of the Exiled. Combined with the Embrace of the Spider, I no longer have trinkets that need to be "used."

Another issue I ran into was that my Improved Mana Gems did not stack with the Mark of the War Prisoner "on use" so I had two different buttons to click - now that I've replaced the trinket, I have one macro which just allows me to go all out:
/use [button:1] Mana Sapphire
/cast [button:1,target=player] Combustion
/cast [button:1,target=player] Icy Veins
/cast [button:1] Mirror Image
/cast [button:2] Conjure Mana Gem

Since Mana Sapphire is first in the macro, it shows you how many charges you have left on the gem. It will quickly use your Mana Sapphire for Mana Surge, Combustion, Icy Veins, and Mirror Image (I used button:1 so it works only if you left click on the macro).

At the end, there's a Conjure Mana Gem spell if you right click (button:2) which will summon a new Mana Sapphire if you're out or refresh the charges on your Sapphire if you have used charges (which you should always do if you have two pieces of Tier 7).

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