Feb 18, 2009

Upgrades in Naxx Heroic

I've finished updating my spreadsheet to take into account all the recent gains I've made gear-wise and I've also updated the sheet to take into account all encounters in heroic instances. Since our Gold Team had last week off after our first run into Naxx, I'm hoping we'll be up to the challenge again this week.

Two weeks ago we cleared the Arachnid and Plague Quarter before we attempted the Construct Quarter and ran into healing issues on Patchwerk. Hopefully we make it that far again this week and perhaps we can run into the Military Quarter to give some bosses a poke in there.

My upgrades in order of priority (sorted into 4 categories - highest, high, medium, low):

The Turning Tide (1H weapon) - Kel'Thuzad
Life and Death (1H weapon) - Gothik
Signet of Manifested Pain (Ring) - Kel'Thuzad
Gothik's Cowl (Head) - Gothik

So as you can see, I'd love to do the military quarter just to hit up Gothik as he has my best in slot helm, and the 2nd best weapon before reaching the end of heroic Naxxramas (where my best in slot ring and weapon drop).

Surplus Limb (Offhand) - Patchwerk
Valorous Frostfire Shoulderpads (Shoulders) - Loatheb
Cincture of Polarity (Waist) - Thaddius
Binding of the Expansive Mind (Wrist) - Razuvious

Again, best in slot from Razuvious in the Military Quarter while Thaddius and Patchwerk in the Construct Quarter offer me best in slot offhand and belt. And then there's Loatheb, who we can easily kill on a weekly basis if we get a group together who has my best in slot shoulders.

Gemmed Wand of the Nerubians (Wand) - Anub'Rekhan
Boots of Impetuous Ideals (Feet) - Loatheb
Gloves of Grandeur (Hands) - Sapphiron
Cosmic Lights (Neck) - Sapphiron

Here we see Anub'Rekhan and Loatheb - both easily killable for our 25 man group dropping best in slot wands and boots, respectively. And then there's the big, bad Sapphiron, who oddly enough drops only slight upgrades, though the Neckpiece and Hands are best in slot.

Note: when saying best in slot, that ignores Sartharion (no drakes) and Malygos on heroic modes. I might go into those later. This is for all content up and through Heroic Naxxramas.


Alaranddl said...

Fyi Tid, the heroic Naxx group I ran into hit a brick wall with Patch as well. Can you tell from a WWS report if the issue was healing or tanking? Our dps was low (that I can evaluate), but is there any way to evaluate the tanking or healing? (Here my class blindness rears its ugly head).

Here's the WWS (only one real try where we lasted long enough to do 3.8 mil damage):


Blake said...

I'm not an expert with the logs - I just use them to track my DPS usually, so it's hard for me to say. I know we had a healing problem because we always had one of our three tanks going down almost immediately on every try. So that's either a tank problem (which we excluded) or a healing problem (which we arrived at).

But looking at your 3.8 mil damage try, those DPS numbers are horrific (other than yours). You pull your weight quite clearly with 4200 DPS, but no one else above 3000? That's a problem. I was reading a blog today where his optimal 25 man would go in, go straight to Patchwerk, take Patchwerk down to 10% and wipe. Then, he'd kick anyone not doing 2500 DPS. I'd probably kick anyone not doing 3000 DPS. 25 man buffed, you should easily be able to do 3000 DPS on a single target as you just stand there and hack or fire away.

It also looks like there's an issue with your tanks as it looks like your rogue died early and you lost some death knights and pallies. I haven't seen a Patchwerk kill on heroic yet, so I'm probably not the best person to ask to figure out what's going wrong. I know DPS. That's about it ;-)

Alaranddl said...

Fyi Tidd, we downed Patch last night, despite efforts by a few people to seemingly screw things up. If you ever feel frustrated with the current raid you are in, talk to me: I've got a few stories that will make you thankful that you have good friends and solid leadership in your raid. :)

Blake said...

Tonight we're scheduled to venture back in. Should be interesting. I'd love to start on Patchwerk and see if we can weed some people out. I had an amazing run last night, doing 4500+ DPS on Patchwerk 10 man. Having a shaman in the group made all the difference.

Alaranddl said...

Tid, that is crazy! Does the Shammie provide some sort of haste buff for you?

When we did 25 this week, I only did about 3400. I need to go back and see what I was doing wrong.

For Patch on 25, do you have your hunters MD to the MT / OT, or the rogues use tricks of the trade to make sure threat is at the proper level?

Blake said...

You know, I wasn't paying all that much attention to what the Shaman was throwing out for totems, but I had a bunch of Elemental Oath procs which greatly helps my DPS. Plus, Heroism is the greatest spell ever.

I heard rumors you might be coming with us to 25 man next Friday. We'd love to have you. As you can see from these logs, we had a number of under performing DPS last night and we couldn't get Thaddius down with them in our group. 3400 is awesome DPS that we would have loved to have last night.

As for finally getting Patchwerk down, we had the death knight (tank #3) main tank while Vic and Jr were the offtanks taking the hateful strikes which finally worked out for us. And yeah, since the death knight was in mostly blues, he had lots of MDs going to him throughout the fight.