Jan 23, 2008

Talk about domination. Last night the Gold Team rolled into Karazhan and completely cleaned the place up. We rolled through every boss except Attumen (skipped) in about 4 hours. No wipes. Took on many fights and a couple bosses with just 9 people, and walked out with some greatly upgraded gear for new recruits and 22 badges to boot.

Nefernetcher and I were determined to put up big numbers and by the end of the night, we didn't quite reach our goal of doing 50% of the raid damage, but got close. I came in right about 28% and Nefernetcher was at 20% or so. Like I said, domination.

Nefernetcher was also running a nice damage meter that recapped the boss fights and on Prince, I did 100,000 more damage than the next closest person. Of course, we got lucky with infernal drops and I didn't have to move at all (pretty easy just sitting in one place while the tank does his thing).

In the end though, another run without Soulfrost or Sunfire, but 22 more badges puts me at almost 100 again after buying the Icon, so I need to see what I can waste them on.

Also, after returning to the city, I resocketed a couple of items, replacing an epic gem with a rare one and adding another Veiled Noble Topaz to my robe which puts me within 2 points of the hit cap (I saw too many resists last night). I then saw an advertisement in chat for a pattern for Gloves of Spell Mastery on the auction house. I quickly went to look at the price and it was only 280g! I borrowed 100g from Dylana (yes, I've been slacking on my dailies) and quickly snapped it up. Since I had never seen the pattern before, 280g was a steal in my eyes. After buying it, the seller messaged me asking if he had under priced it. Since Wowhead lists it at 250g, I told him I didn't think so - as no one will buy it to make it - people will only buy it to be a completionist - like me. He found it in a locked box and made a quick 280g off it. Very nice, and it rounds out my epic world drop set nicely. I still have quite a few patterns to go and no gold to buy them with right now. Back to Netherwing dailies!

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