Jan 24, 2008

In this first installment of my add-on spotlight, I am highlighting a recently discovered add-on from one of the greatest Warcraft-related sites, WarcraftPets.com.

What is it? The MiniPet Addon is a perfect addition to my ever growing pet collection. Basically, whenever you zone in or out, portal, die, or whatever, it reminds you and places a small box at the top of your screen you can use to summon a random pet in one quick click.

Installation: It's quite simple like any other add-on and it takes up very little memory space - hardly any really - doesn't register in my top 10 resource hogging add-ons.

Drawbacks: Just one - it can't always tell if you have a pet out or if you misclick. If you click the button to summon a pet while moving, the button goes away as it thinks you summoned one. Also, if you are flying around and lose your pet, it can't tell the pet is gone. However, the nice thing is, with this add-on, you're much more aware of your pets and realize when they do go missing much sooner than before the add-on was installed.

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