Jan 21, 2008

Saturday night, the Gold Team convened once again and finished the last two bosses of Karazhan that were left untouched on Tuesday night. Illhoof didn't go down without a fight as he sacrificed our warlock near the end and I was close to being out of mana and couldn't help too much with the imps. He did die though and our druid friend made off with a couple new items (though the staff didn't drop). We then went up to Netherspite and again he didn't go down as planned. Our warlock (again causing problems) got stuck in a void and died so I had to pick up the blue beam early. That made me unavailable for the blue beam during the second phase so our hunter picked it up and we subbed a warrior in at the last minute. A druid scooped up the warlock so he was available for the third phase and it was easy from there on. Rook picked up a nice ring and I can't remember the other drop.

With Karazhan clear, we quickly headed to Zul'Aman to see if we could attempt the timed event. It was going perfectly as we were clearing trash when our tank disconnected. After he was able to get back in, we knew the timed event wouldn't happen so we took our time and explained everything in depth as we had some new people along. Nalorakk gave us some fits, but we got him down on the third attempt, and though I thought I didn't need anything from the first two bosses, he dropped something that made me a very happy gnome: Executioner Enchant!.

We then moved on to Akil'zon, cleared the gauntlet without any problems, and had three shots at him. No luck. We recleared the gauntlet again in one shot and took him down after two more attempts. As we moved on towards the third boss, our tank and hunter disconnected and couldn't reconnect. ((Apparently there was a large AT&T problem Saturday night)). So the raid was called, but we are getting much better with Akil'zon's strategy and he should be on farm status quite soon.

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