Jun 20, 2008

A Reversal

I previously stated that I couldn't find much to do in-game, that all has changed since I just realized the Midsummer Fire Festival returns tomorrow. With the festival, I have two pets I need to try and obtain. However, it appears that the Spirit of Summer quest line is no longer available. But I have heard rumors that he can still be purchased for 350 Burning Blossoms. So I've got some work to do. There's also a new pet this year - a Scorchling. It's probably a rare drop, but five people in your party can carry the quest into the instance, so hopefully it's a one in five drop rate - but if not, I'll be there farming this thing as much as possible!

So starting tomorrow I have some work to do. Should be fun to see how many blossoms I can collect. According to Wowhead, I may be able to get 350 in one year, otherwise I will try and get as many as possible and bank them until next year.

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