Jun 20, 2008

Play Time

Wow, it's been almost three weeks since a post. I have spent the majority of my time at the new house getting it ready for move-in and spent the past 6 days in Boston and New York, so I'm back, but it's tough to pick the game up again. It's that dead period you feel between major releases I think. I don't feel like PvP'ing all that much, but maybe I'll get 10 games in this weekend. Raids don't appeal to me outside our standard 25-man Gold Team raids, and really, what else is there to do?

Shall I start grinding cash again to buy 22 slot bags from Haris Pilton? I've just been saving up my gold recently to purchase recipes that I don't have off the auction house, but they are few and far between and going for even more outrageous prices any time I see them. I have no factions I can consistently grind - going out to Stromgarde is a royal pain in the butt gaining only 1 reputation point for each kill. I've been murdering centaurs in Desolace, but still only lose 3-5 reputation per kill, so the grind there is even more annoying.

But in the end, I see little reason to log on daily. What motivation do I have? Perhaps once I get moved into the new house and have less on my plate, the motivation to play again will return (there does look to be some fun stuff in 2.4.3), but in the meantime, I fear updates will be few and far between here.

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