Mar 4, 2008

Arena Layout and Letdown

On Sunday night, Panoply, Vetarra, Mercreus and I got in 8 arena games before we lost two people and our 3v3 team, Aspect of Frost Wrath had to call it a night. I had hoped to get two more games in to get my weekly points, but after waking up last night, both Panoply and Vetarra were in SSC and our 5th member was not online. So it seems that we ended up two games short of the minimum number of required games and I will stay one point short of my pants.

Speaking of arenas though, this is my new arena layout:

Not much changes from my standard raid layout as I have my grouping in the upper and lower left side, I have my trinkets and gems/pots in the middle with Decursive just to the right of those rows. The only thing that changes from my Raid UI to my Arena UI is the extra large buttons on the right side. I have my frequently used Arena buttons that I rarely use otherwise - including my PvP trinket and Escape Artist. And then, the best part of the whole thing, Proximo. Proximo is a must have and shows me the other team, allows me to quickly switch targets and also will allow me to set my focus for sheeping and then target my DPS target.

In the shot above, we won the game as we were able to lure the shamans (way too many shamans) away from their totem jungle. Of course, I'm sitting there with my Jubling out and antennae on my head.

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