Mar 4, 2008

Gold Team 25 Man One Shots Gruul

Another fun and interesting night. Rather than our usual Karazhan Tuesdays, we have rearranged our schedules and had a split Zul'Aman / Gruul night. The Gold Team quickly ventured into Zul'Aman, one shot Akil'zon, Nalorakk, and Halazzi earning two timed chests and then we got in a couple attempts on Jan'Alai before we headed over to Gruul's Lair.

We picked up the rest of the Gold 25 Man Team and we had a brief meeting as this was the first official Gold Team venture into Gruul's - a quasi-Gold Team went in last night and one shot Maulgar and took Gruul down to 5% the first try and down the second try.

After our quick team meeting, we rushed Maulgar, took him down despite a quick death of one of my healers as I was mage tanking - Lexten quickly shifted over and kept me up with Dylana quite ably. After Maulgar, we headed to Gruul and without a hitch one shot him. Much to my surprise, two Leggings of the Fallen Hero dropped. I didn't roll since they wouldn't be an upgrade for me. But hopefully we'll continue to see them and I'll get them on a need roll and work towards completing my Tier 4 set.

Congrats again to the amazing Gold Team! We will quickly conquer whatever lies in front of us!
((Locally hosted WowWebStats can be found here for Zul'Aman and here for Gruul's Lair. The WowWebStats site is down, but I am just itching to see what my DPS was for Gruul himself...))

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