Mar 4, 2008

Screenshots Finally

I finally got around to going through my last batch of screenshots and figured I would post a few. Most of them are from our Zul'Aman incursion last week where we downed two bosses within the specified time frame and also took Jan'Alai down. We started strong taking down Akil'zon then rushed over to Nalorakk. We then tried to get to Halazzi in time but didn't make it. After downing Halazzi, we went back and looted the first timed box and then the second one. The second box was guarded by a fearsome dwarf named Harkor. It just so happens we've been raiding with our beloved paladin healer, Harkor for a long time, so we took the time to take some pictures of the twins:

After looting the boxes, we quickly cleared over to Jan'Alai and with our practice the weeks before, we took him down! ((Click for larger view))

We then called it for the night as our run was quite successful and we shall be attempting Malacrass soon!

Coming arena setup!

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