Dec 26, 2007

While farming both Timbermaw and Cenarion Circle rep these past few days, I've come across my fair share of cards, world drops, and other random greens. But more than anything, I've come across runecloth, and lots of it. So yesterday I put up 25 stacks on the auction house, severely undercutting everyone and, lo and behold, when I checked my mailbox later, every stack sold. Could I have made a little more money by listing them at a higher rate? Probably. I probably could have even made more Red Winter Clothes from them as I've sold about 10 sets for about 8g each over the past 10 days. But I wanted to make some quick money and that was the easiest way. Each stack sold for about 2.5g and I netted a cool 63g or so. Not too bad when all I've had to do is stop by a town every so often and mail the runecloth to a friendly Dranei Shaman who puts them on auction for me.

I also have listed a stack of Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust on the auction house, but haven't checked to see if it sold yet. Those stacks come courtesy the greens I am able to disenchant. I'm hoping they sell since I can make much more money disenchanting those items than selling them to the local vendors.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently lamented the fact that I didn't get a reindeer this year, but instead a Red Helper (I also picked up a Green Helper at the auction house). Well, just like the Green Helper I picked up at the auction house, I hear that you can find a Jingling Bell at the auction house as well as a Snowman Kit! I shall have to check tonight to see if I can pick those up at a reasonable price. I found my green helper for only 15g and would be willing to pay up to 25g each for those other beautiful pets (especially the reindeer).

I am also getting quite near my 5,200g needed for my epic flying mount. Even though I have bought a few things for myself recently, I also have been selling quite a few nice items at auction. But if I can't make it to 5,200 by Saturday or Sunday, I will be hitting up some guildmates for a loan - after all, I hear those Netherwing daily quests have nice monetary rewards.

While these ramblings focus on my life as a gnome mage, stop on by for some good discourse on my druid friends. A clean, easy to read layout and insightful articles make this journal a must-visit!

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