Dec 25, 2007

It's a shame that Winter's Veil has to come to an end, but I stocked up on snowballs in anticipation of receiving a reindeer, but instead received a Red Helper Box. It's a cute little gnome dressed in a Holiday Outfit and he matches me perfectly - except I don't have a red hat. So I went out and bought a Green Helper Box and today my Green Helper has been following me around. I also received a Mechanical Greench who will fight for me when summoned. On top of all of that, Greatfather Winter also had a Clockwork Rocket Bot for me (not listed on WowHead yet).

After collecting my Winter Veil presents, I headed to Silithus as Flamehelix had reminded me that reputation was fairly easy to grind there as Encrypted Twilight Texts are now worth 50 reputation each (a turn in of 10 yields 500 rep). I've since done 7 turn ins, completed a quest which used to require a raid, but now can be solo'd and also turned in 9 Abyssal Crests. With that, I've gone from 400 rep into revered to 6,000 rep. I am now almost 30% of the way to exalted. Back to the text collection...

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