Dec 26, 2007

I don't know why people are selling them so cheap, but I got a Jingling Bell for my very own reindeer for just 3g and a Snowman Kit for only 2g! I've stocked up on the snowballs and plan on having a reindeer, snowman, or green helper out whenever I can!

I am currently also at 17,134 out of 21,000 towards exalted with the Cenarion Circle. I am also carrying with me 2 complete twilight trappings sets along with some extra robes and mantles. I also have 3 abyssal crests on me and 2 large brilliant shards. So I should be able to turn in 3 abyssal crests with the large brilliant shards for the twilight medallion and turn in the signets for 700 rep each (if the drops cooperate). That, combined with the 32 twilight texts on me plus whatever other texts drop should get me to exalted tonight! Updates forthcoming...

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