Dec 28, 2007

What a great day it's been! When I made it back to my Scryer bank mailbox, the lovely Vetarra had sent me 500g. With that, I had enough to travel to Wildhammer Stronghold and train in the artisan skill of riding. I then booked it over to Blackwind Landing and purchased a very beautiful Silver Riding Nether Ray. It is downright ridiculous how fast this mount moves. I was able to fly from Skettis to Coilfang Reservoir faster than I could have ridden a gryphon.

I also proceeded to Netherwing Ledge where I had a bunch of quests to do. I quickly found a Netherwing Egg and turned it in. Vetarra also showed me where I could find more eggs and I found one more. I then killed some couriers flying the crystals back and forth and also poisoned some of the grunts mining the crystals.

Aracely then asked if I wanted to run a heroic, and though I don't need badges, I'm up for a heroic usually. I wanted to go to either Steamvaults, Shattered Halls or Arcatraz as I still had all three Trial of the Naaru quests. We chose Steamvaults which was doubly good for me since I need reputation there still. We struggled on one pull for some reason, but other than that had a great run. I made it out with 2,200 rep after turning in 5 coilfang armaments, but the best part of the run was...drumroll please...Formula: Enchant Bracers - Fortitude! Woohoo! Just three to go - Savagery from Shattered Halls, 2H Major Agility from Arcatraz and Boots - Dexterity from Auchindon.

And's quite hard to spend all that gold in one fell swoop.

((Looking at that last screenshot there, it says I earned 73g per hour over the last week - not too shabby. However, a lot of that was earned from a banking alt, which, now that I think about it isn't a big deal since I earned all those runecloth stacks and winterfall firewater on Tiddlywinks. The only thing that really skews that number is the 500g lump sum influx I received from Vetarra. But still, I made upwards of 60g an hour over the last week. And yes, I was saving money, but I wasn't out grinding items that would sell high. I was out grinding reputation and doing dailies. That's about it.

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