Dec 28, 2007

Yesterday, I managed to sell over 20 stacks of Runecloth that I had picked up while grinding Timbermaw and Cenarion Circle reputation. I also sold my Stockade Pauldrons cheaply (50g) and I'm now within 500g of my epic flying mount. So when I saw the guild banker online, I asked her what the bank policy was on loans. Unfortunately, our guild bank does not make loans, as all gold deposited is currently earmarked for new tabs. With my good friend Dylana currently working on saving for his epic flight form (she will probably be learning it this weekend), she was unavailable to lend me the money. However, the queen herself, Eirama stepped in and offered to foot the bill.

I should have mail waiting in my mailbox when I return to the Scryer bank and then I will be off to get trained. However, if she is not available tonight, Vetarra graciously offered to also loan me 500g, so I might take her up on the offer tonight. I also have some other auctions up currently, so I'm hoping I can pay either Eirama or Vetarra back by the end of this long weekend, making it a very short loan.

Thankfully I am part of such a loving, helpful, and friendly guild where everyone goes out of their way to help others and, while relaxed, we are making steady advancements in raid progression.

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