Dec 29, 2007

After completing some daily quests this morning and turning in Netherwing Eggs, I reached friendly status with the Netherwing earlier today. That opened up even more quests and I'm now over 2/3rds of the way towards honored.

After finishing all those Netherwing quests, I did my daily cooking quest, some Skettis quests and had one more daily to do so I chose one of the 4 in Blade's Edge. I think this is the first time I've done all 10 daily quests. I currently stand at over 350g, and if I hadn't loaned 150g to Dylana for her epic flight form, I'd be able to pay back Vetarra in just one day.

With all my questing done, there was one thing left to do for Winter's Veil. After hearing that all the recipes didn't go out as planned, the Smokeywood Pasture workers offered up their patterns for sale directly. Since Red Winter Clothes were for Alliance and Green Winter Clothes were for Horde, they were each for sale in Ironforge and Orgrimmar, respectively. So I set off for Orgrimmar to retrieve a green winter pattern of my own. I ran past a few guards at the door, blinked away from the ones following me and popped invisibility. I was able to find the Winter Veil tree while invisible, but didn't see the Smokeywood Pasture vendors. After looking around some more, I found them, but at that point had 5-8 guards on me. I tried to buy from the vendor, but an unfriendly Tauren named Loader decided to attack me even though I was dressed in my winter clothes and not displaying any hostility, and he killed me. I ran back, ressurected at the vendor, bought the pattern, and ported back to Shattrath. So I can now craft Green Winter Clothes as Alliance. I am quite happy.

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