Dec 11, 2007

Well, we did it.

It took us a few weeks of learning and practicing, but we have now cleared Karazhan completely without a wipe - in just over 4 hours.

We had quite a bit of fun all the way through - I got to nuke the Curator while the sparks were quickly dealt with by our shaman and a couple of kitties and I was also able to break out my King's Defender on a couple of Arcane Sentries and get my sword skill up. We also perfected our line for loot after the Chess Event. Because if you hand out the items inside before everyone gets their badges, the badges disappear.

Overall, I just barely did the most damage as Nefernetcher was close on my tail. However, I did have to hold back quite a bit since I didn't have salvation. It was quite nice having three druids though - three combat rezzes helped us on a tricky Prince fight.

In the end, we completed every boss, sharded only a few items, and I now have 99 badges of justice that I really don't know how to use. I could buy some haste items. I could buy some PVP items. I just don't know.

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