Dec 9, 2007

This weekend, I spent most of my time helping my young pupil Barleybux as he is working towards a lot of horde killing in his 39th season. However, I did get my daily quests done each day, including the battleground quest today in Eye of the Storm and also the PvP quest in Hellfire Peninsula. I was quite proud of myself as I had earned almost 90g on the day. However, while organizing my bags, another friendly mage noted that I had mis-socketed my helm. I had a gem in the blue slot that gave extra crit rating - for melee. I quickly went to Ironforge and bought a new gem with extra damage and double checked all my other sockets. They were all good.

Just as I was about to leave Ironforge, I quickly scanned the auction house for patterns and recipes I have not yet learned. Usually I see the same things up there - all out of my price range, but this time, something new. I had seen it once before in my life. It was the Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt. Since I know how rare the pattern is and how hard it is to obtain, I quickly bought out the pattern for an obscene amount of gold, quickly erasing a chunk of gold I have earmarked for an epic mount. But it's worth it. My new Rich Purple Silk Shirt looks much better than my old, cheap, Lavender Mageweave Shirt.

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