Dec 15, 2007

Happy Winter Veil!

Today was the first day of Winter Veil, and after seeing all the festivities going on in Ironforge, I was ready to spread the Winter Veil cheer!

After Greatfather Winter requested I make him some Gingerbread Cookies, I headed out to Darkshore and gathered 40 eggs. I quickly ported back to Ironforge, bought some Holiday Spices, and made over 3 dozen cookies! I gave them to Greatfather Winter and was rewarded with a Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack - how kind of him!

I then checked my mail, and waiting inside was a new tailoring pattern and a new cooking recipe! Just for me! I quickly tore into the tailoring pattern and learned how to create Red Winter Clothes! I whipped up a set for myself and also made another set which I traded to Vexxious for a pair of Winter Boots. Now, to complete the set, I have to hunt down a Red Winter Hat. I could spend a good amount of time tomorrow trying to acquire one.

The cooking recipe I received taught me how to craft Hot Apple Cider. I haven't had time to make any yet, but I will quite soon.

After being surprised with free patterns and recipes, I took some time to see what else was going on. Lo and behold, the Southsea Buccaneers had kidnapped Metzen the Reindeer! I quickly hearthed to Gadgetzan, went down to Lost Rigger Cove and recued Metzen. I returned to Ironforge and was rewarded with 5 Preserved Holly for rescuing the poor, helpless reindeer.

I was also told that if I put a pinch of Deeprock Salt in a Holly Preserver Machine along with 5g, I could get 5 more Preserved Holly. I will stockpile these rare gems for use throughout the year on special occasions. I also have stocked up a few snowballs because I have heard rumors that on December 25th, at the end of the Winter Veil holiday, you receive a Jingling Bell in the mail. I will need plenty of snowballs to summon my own little Winter Reindeer.

With all the Winter Veil quests completed, I will be able to enjoy the rest of the holiday season in style. I will hunt down that red hat and spread cheer throughout the land. Of course, my Brewfest Pony Keg will help me in the cause!

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