Dec 4, 2007

Last night, the combined forces of Darklight Resolution and The Protectorate ventured back into Gruul's Lair. With a new strategy, we were ready to take down Gruul after we downed Maulgar on two attempts (somehow, as I was tanking Krosh, he hit me with a blast wave - didn't think I was close enough...).

So we went into Gruul's Lair and began our attempts. We got quite far in our first attempt of the night with our new strategy - just under 50%. Our second attempt didn't go well at all, but on our third and final attempt (we had a few people who had to leave early), we had a very good attempt - our best ever. We got him down to 27%, and even though I died early - I had a cave-in on my hiding spot and got flung next to a couple people who had more hit points than I - I still somehow managed to top the damage meters after the fight was over. I just wish I could have stayed up longer - or at least had another chance at Gruul.

We'll get him soon. Karazhan tonight I believe. See if we can beat our full clear in 4.5 hours.

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