Dec 5, 2007

For our Karazhan run last night, we had hoped to clear the place in about four hours, besting our previous time and also finishing within the time of our usual raid schedule. However, it was not meant to be. After quickly clearing through Attumen, Moroes and the Maiden, we ran into Romulo and Julianne at the Opera. After quickly downing each of them separately, we started in on them at the same time. After gaining a bit of aggro, I used invisibility, dumped all my aggro, and went all out on Romulo. But apparently he missed me go invisible and came after me. Since he is un-tauntable, Vetarra, our druid tank couldn't pick him up again quickly and he demolished me. An ice block would have been a lifesaver, and my mage trainer has told me that I will be able to learn it soon.

Back to the Maiden of Virtue for a second - last night, for the first time, she decided to drop my boots! The Boots of Fortelling are now mine. After we downed the Curator, we took our normal break, so I ported back to Shattrath (more on that later) and then used the free port to Ironforge. In Ironforge, I grossly overspent on a Runed Living Ruby and a Great Dawnstone. I also then paid way too much for a Large Prismatic Shard as I needed just one more to enchant the boots with Boar's Speed. So my new boots now offer an additional 3 stamina, 5 intellect, 2 critical strike, and 6 damage. A very nice upgrade all around - at the cost of no stats.

So when I said "more on that later" regarding the Curator, here's the "more." He finally dropped the Gloves of the Fallen Hero. This is another first time drop in Karazhan and I can't even count how many times we've been there and downed both the Maiden and the Curator. There were no hunters in our party at the time and Nefernetcher had already picked up the gloves on a PUG previous to our group formation (we were lucky enough to find Nefernetcher hanging out in the Looking For Group channel one night we were short a raider and he is now a member of Darklight Resolution and a permanent member of the Gold Team - a valued asset and all around great guy). So that left the gloves to me. Now, I'm in no position yet to break my Spellfire set bonus, but the complete Tier Four set would be amazing to have, and I now have the Gloves of the Aldor - the reason I originally ported to Shattrath instead of straight to Ironforge.

After the Curator, we plowed through Aran, Illhoof, and Netherspite and ended up back on the dreaded Prince. We failed in our first two attempts due to absolutely horrific elemental drops, but prevailed in our third attempt. With the Helm of the Fallen Hero being the only item left in Karazhan I really would like (well, I guess the Mindblade too), the Prince decided to drop neither. So I will return, continue to rack up badges with nothing to buy, and pray that the Prince will eventually drop my helm. Off to work out some calculations on how the Gloves could fit into my set. PvP gear perhaps?

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