Dec 1, 2007

Tonight, the Gold Team went back to the dreadful Zul'Aman and triumphed over Akil'Zon, the Eagle Aspect. He took a few tries, but eventually succumbed to our superior fire power and strategy. Instead of trying to collapse on one person in the outer ring, we all collapsed on the tank in the middle. We also just ignored the eagles and we were able to defeat the evil eagle.

After that, we moved on towards Halazzi. There were quite a few mobs to clear along the way, including one that had a nasty buff on it which increased movement speed by 200% and reduced casting time by 300%. He used it to cast a fireball volley aimed at almost everyone in the group almost instantly. I was able to spellsteal his buff and it was amazing! I was casting almost instant fireballs. However, he also liked to break sheeps quite often, so even if I had the haste buff, I couldn't do too much with it as I was resheeping most of the time. We had a couple of tries on Halazzi before it got too late to continue and it was good to see what we need to do to kill him. He's a tough fight, dealing a lot of damage, placing totems down that need to be instantly killed, and spreading around chain lightning. This guy may take us longer to master than Akil'Zon, but I feel once we get the encounter down, future kills should not be hard to repeat.

Before we left Zul'Aman for the night, we attempted to complete a quest which had us visit Akil'Zon's platform, Halazzi's room, and Jan'Alai's platform. We had completed the first two objectives, but have not gotten to Jan'Alai yet. So, we decided to see if we could zerg Jan'Alai. We all mounted up, I equipped my Riding Crop and we were off. I think I made it the furthest of all because I had a couple of people in front of me who were carrying some mobs behind them, but in the end, none of us were able to make it up to his platform. Oh well, another day, another time.

Akil'Zon dropped the Signet of Ancient Magics which I won. I was conflicted as to whether or not I should take it, but since no one else really needed it, Legionaire and I rolled and I beat him out. After collecting the required amount of troll tusks for the Tuskin' Raiders quest, I turned them in, located Zungam on our way to Halazzi, and was rewarded with a Charmed Amani Jewel which I threw in the Signet. I threw a 12 spell damage enchant on the ring and I'm still conflicted. The Signet gives me a nice stamina upgrade, a couple extra damage and intellect, but I lose a good amount of crit rating. I might just use the ring for PvP, or it could replace the ring I'm currently wearing. Oh yeah, the signet also has mana regeneration on it, so I might use it for that reason as well. Some of these fights are quite long and I can use all the mana I can get. I guess we'll just have to test the rings on our next trip to Karazhan or Zul'Aman and see which works better.

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