Dec 16, 2007

Today was fishing day. I finally had enough of that measly fishing skill of 17 showing up whenever I looked through my list. I started out in Stormwind fishing the canals and then moved on to Southshore once I had skilled up enough. There I traveled up and down the river fishing for sagefish. I fished a bit in the Arathi Highlands and finally moved on to the Hinterlands where I came across some electric eels in addition to all the other fish I was exposed to. When I hit 210, I traveled to see Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh. He refused to give me the quest to advance until I hit 225, so I fished off his dock for a while.

He then had me search across both continents to find a Feralas Ahi, a Misty Reed Mahi Mahi, a Sar'theris Striker, and a Savage Coast Blue Fin. They were relatively easy to fish up and I returned to Nat Pagle ready to continue my fishing learning. I am now at 225, gaining over 200 skill points today and on my way to 375. Then I shall try my best to acquire Mr. Pinchy.

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