Nov 24, 2007

((Wow, I am quite happy with these tooltips. I had been looking for a way to get tooltips without an SQL database and the only solutions I found didn't seem to work well with Firefox - my browser of choice. So while just surfing around Wowhead, I found this great link. A bit of CSS tweaking later and a quick javascript insert, and we're good to go. All I have to do is specify rare, epic, common, uncommon, and the links will generate whatever color I want and as long as I link to, the links are turned into tooltips. I wonder what happens with random links: Aldor Regalia, Paper Flying Machine, Old Crafty, Rocket Chicken, Quest: Headless Horseman.

So after testing, it doesn't work with item sets or quests - why would it? To clarify though - in the future, items will not be underlined (though they will link to Wowhead), regular links to other pages and/or content will be underlined))

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